TEAM CSF News - Weekly Update

One Team. One Goal. No Limits.

November 16-24

Weekly Update

Monday- November 16th

  • Good News Club meets - This is the LAST DAY until after Christmas.
  • Blogs updated by 8am
  • No Math Planning meetings (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th)
  • CSF Beta Club Induction at 6pm
  • 3rd Grade Field Trip
  • Lisa Out of the Building - Numeracy Class

Tuesday-November 17th

  • Math Planning meetings (K5 and 1st)
  • No ELA Planning meeting (3rd and 4th)
  • Faculty Meeting - working until 6:30pm
  • Community Reader Day
  • 3rd Grade GT Students on Field Trip

Wednesday - November 18th

  • GT Art meets
  • Puzzle Club
  • Grade Verifications due (include grades up to 11-16)
  • Book Club
  • Kelly out of the building - Literacy Coach Meeting

Thursday - November 19th

  • No ELA Planning Meeting (5K, 1st, 2nd, and 5th)
  • Lesson Plans turned in before leaving
  • CSF Singers
  • Kelly out of the building - Small Group Meeting
  • Game Zone Club
  • Muse Machine 1:00pm (please be packed up before coming; wait to be called)
  • RtI

Friday - November 20th

  • Team Spirit Day

Monday - November 23rd

  • No planning meetings!
  • Interim Reports
  • Blogs updated by 8am

Tuesday - November 24th

  • No planning meetings!
  • Faculty Thanksgiving Lunch
  • Updated DRA folders should be turned in to Kelly by 2:30pm

National Education Week

Monday-Video Launch

Video is titled: 1. American Education Week (in google shared folder) show students the video and discuss with them the activities each day.

Tuesday- Community Readers: Teachers refer to the schedule for times for visits from our readers. We will have visitors from 8-9. They will either bring a book of their own or they will have chosen one from our library. The readers should introduce themselves, tell about their profession, and share how literacy/mathematics impacts their lives/profession.

**For grades 2-5, please choose 1 student to come to the library (when called) to escort your reader back to your room.

***Mrs. Ehlich asks that you prepare your room for visitors. Please make sure that your rugs were vacuumed and that your counters and sinks are prepared for visitors.

Wednesday-Show Support for our Professional School Superheroes

Watch video in Google Drive Folder: 2. A Day Without Educational Support Professionals. Discuss what we would do at CSF without our team.

Students will write/deliver thank-you notes.

In the folder you will find a variety of lined paper you may use for students to write their letters.

Thursday-Educator Swap for a Day









**Mrs. Ehlich suggests a read aloud and a mini activity; 20 - 30 minutes.

Teachers need to communicate with their partners to arrange a time that works with both schedules.

Friday-Student Writing: If I were the Principal

Mrs. Ehlich will select one student based upon their writing to shadow her for 30 minutes on a date to be determined between Mrs. Ehlich and the student.

January 4th

Dr. Mercer has agreed to allow us to work late on a couple of days to make up for working on January 4, 2016. I have decided that we will take advantage of this opportunity. It was strongly recommended that we use this time for professional development as that is the intention for the January 4 date. (We will not be counting our Literacy Night as hours this year.)

We will be working late on November 17th and December 8th. We will be working until 6:30pm. All teachers, assistants, and office staff should plan to work these dates.


  • Please remember that December 10th is Literacy Night and our 4th Grade Concert. All teachers should make plans to attend.
  • All classes in grades 3-5 will have their class Spelling Bee on December 11th,
  • Please remember that December 15th is our Faculty Christmas Party.
  • Please remember that Felica is scheduled to come to CSF for a guided reading visit this month.
  • Mark your calendar for our RtI/PBIS visit on Thursday, February 25th.
  • Remember that grades 3-5 have to have one unit in Canvas by the end of the first semester. Mrs. Holden and Mrs. Berry will be working with you to complete this task. Each of you will create additional units 2nd semester.
  • Teachers report to work by 9am when opening is delayed for two hours; they should report to work by 8am when there is a one hour delay. As always, employees should use their own judgement in assessing their particular situations. We do not want individuals to put themselves at risk by trying to travel in hazardous conditions.
  • Fall Instructional Visit is December 9th. Please make sure that you do not give a test on this day.
  • Make sure you are entering grades in PS each week.
  • Reminder - No Clubs during the month of December. 3rd-5th Grade teachers, please include this on your newsletters.

SLO Information

Our Mid-Year Conference will be in December....Date will come soon!

Teacher should bring -

  • quizzes
  • anecdotal records
  • student work samples
  • mid-cycle assessments
  • strategies they have used with struggling students
  • evidence of Professional Growth and Development Progress

Together we will-
  • review data to ID which students are progressing and which are struggling
  • work together to consider strategies for those not on track

If necessary-

  • adjust goals
  • adjust professional growth and development plan

Count students if they are with us 85% of time

PBIS Update

  • The CSF Store Dates - November 20th and December 11th.
  • The "Blitz" will happen on January 15th.
  • Remember, not every child in your class should have the same number of tickets if you are using them to promote positive behavior.

A Few Safety Reminders...

1. Conduct a daily “safety scan” of your classroom each morning as you enter the room. Remove or relocate any items that may create a safety hazard.

2. Ensure the door to your room is closed and locked at all times.

3. Be aware of your surroundings as you walk. Watch for potential slip and trip hazards.

4. Ensure you have a class list with you at all times.

Instructional Opportunities

November 9th— 3:00 Literacy Cohort XI

November 11th—3:30-4:30 Math Advisory; 3:30 Lab Managers MAP Refresher

November 12th—3:30 ESOL Meeting; 3:30 ELA Advisory

November 16th—2:30 Guidance/CDFs

November 18th—Math Coach Meeting; Literacy Coach Meeting

November 18th—3:30 Social Studies Advisory; 3:30 Tech Lead Teachers

November 19th—3:30 Science Advisory

November 23rd —4:15-6:30 Induction class

November 25-27—Thanksgiving Holidays

November 30—3:45 SNA; 4:00 Teacher Forum

December 2nd—1:00 DO Special Services; 3:00 Literacy Cohort IX

December 3rd —3:00 Literacy Cohort X

December 7th —3:00 Literacy Cohort XI

December 9th —Math Coach Meeting

December 10th—3:30 ESOL Meeting

December 14th—3:45 Media Specialists; 4:00 AP Seminar

December 16th—Literacy Coach Meeting; 3:30 Tech Lead Teachers