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Important Dates

Dec. 11th- PTC Skating Night @ Southland

Dec. 12th- 5th Grade Reach To Star Base

Dec. 14th- 3rd Grade Holiday Choir Concert

Dec. 14th- Student Council Mtg.

Dec. 15th- 3rd Reach IRT

Dec.19th-Quarter 2 Classroom Parties

Dec. 19th- Last Day for Student

Dec. 20th-Jan.2nd- Winter Break

Jan. 3rd- Student Return to School

From Your Proud Principal Mr. Murphy

Dear Families,

I hope you are staying calm, patient, and as stress-free as possible during this holiday season. We can tell that the children are becoming more and more excited each day as we get closer to Christmas. The children’s joy is priceless and seeing the kids that were able to visit Santa at our Breakfast with Santa was a reminder of the innocence and happiness that small children possess.

As the cold weather has arrived, I want to review some important information regarding winter weather procedures:

Snowy and Cold Weather/Drop-Off and Pick-Up: I want to thank all of the parents who continue to prioritize keeping safety a priority in dropping off their children for school during the snowy and slippery days ahead! Please remember to pull all the way up to the car in front of you when dropping off or picking up your child(ren). This will help in preventing a backup onto Thompson Road. Please, only let your children out on the left side of the car if possible. Please be patient with our staff too, as they work tirelessly to keep our students safe. Thank you for your cooperation!

Help Prevent Tardiness: Because of the inclement weather, it will take longer to get ready (boots, coats, snowpants) and take longer (slow-moving traffic) to get to school. So, please be mindful of our starting time. We start classes promptly each morning at 8:50 AM; so if you are dropping your child off, please leave with some additional time so that your child is here on time. When students are late it disrupts the class and interferes with your child’s academics as well as the academics of others. With that being said, we also ask for careful driving and patience, so any day that our car rider line is moving slow and taking longer than expected, we will NOT count tardies for those students. J

Thank you to everyone who attended the Breakfast with Santa! A special thank you to the volunteers!!!!

Finally, I wish you each a happy and joyful holiday season! It is truly an honor to work with each TC family and I wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday and start to the New Year! Please remember that we return on 1/3!

Warmest Regards,

Mr. Jeffrey J. Murphy

Proud Thompson Crossing Principal

Thank You To All The Volunteers That Helped Out With Our Breakfast With Santa!

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Quarter 2 Classroom Party Information

Our Q2 classroom parties are approaching! We will be celebrating the end of Quarter 2 and the beginning of our Winter Break, on December 19th @3pm. If you plan on attending, please follow the link to preregister, and avoid the long line of checking in. We ask that you do this NO LATER THAN 11am on December 19th. Any visitors that are NOT preregistered to attend the parties MUST CHECK IN WITH THE FRONT OFFICE. It is also important to let the classroom teachers know you are planning on attending NO LATER than 2 days prior so they can help facilitate the adult helpers coming to their classrooms.

Kylie Gerbofsky,Secretary/Treasurer
Thompson Crossing Elementary School
7525 E. Thompson Road Indianapolis, IN. 46239
phone (317)860-4602 fax (317)860-4610


Student Drop-off/Pick-up

For the safety of our students, it is important that all persons picking up or dropping off students use the proper procedures. Students may not be dropped off before 8:40 a.m. With security procedures, the front door will not be unlocked until 8:40 a.m. and students should not be allowed out of an automobile until that time. We also understand that the drop off line gets long in the morning, but please be patient and take the time necessary to make it safe for all our students, parents, and staff. When dropping off students before and after school, please use the main entrance area only. Make sure that you follow the drive through and drop off lanes. Also, make sure that students get out on the curb or left-side of the car. There is no passing in the drop off lane. Your patience is always appreciated!

Appointments/Early Dismissals * New Procedures

On the day of your student's appointment, it is very important that you have your student bring a note to their teacher or the office before school begins for the day. **Prior notification completely eliminates a classroom disruption and helps to assure that your student will be waiting in the office and ready to go when you come to sign them out. We understand that last minute things come up, but we do ask that you keep walk-up requests or last minute phone calls to a minimum. If you are picking up your child for an early dismissal THEY MUST BE PICKED UP BY 3:15 PM ON A NORMAL DISMISSAL DAY AND 2:50PM ON A PLC/WEDNESDAY. Request for early pickups by parents for appointments, etc. will be made through the front office and MUST be in writing also. These new policies will help ensure a safe dismissal for all students. The note should include the students name, teacher name, your name and date. When picking up your child for appointments, please go directly to the Main Office to sign them out. When a student returns from a mid-day appointment, the student should sign back in at the Main Office and turn in his/her doctor's note if they have one.

Absences During the School Year

Students should be fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medication (i.e. Tylenol) for 24 hours before returning to school. If your child has an illness associated with vomiting and/or diarrhea, they should not return to school until 24 hours after the last episode. This helps prevent further spread of viruses and bacteria, and to promote a healthier environment for all. Our goal at Thompson Crossing is to keep kids healthy and in school. It is important for all students to adhere to our illness guidelines in order to reach this goal.

Attendance is extremely important. If your child is not in our classrooms, they cannot learn and be exposed to the same content as their teacher presents. However, everyone becomes ill at various times and we understand! If your child is going to be absent, please call our attendance line at 860-4678 by 9:15 AM. Our data clerk will check the line daily to record absences. Follow the steps below:

  1. Date of phone call
  2. Name of parents/ guardians
  3. Name of student
  4. Reason for absence
  5. Number of days for the absence

If you need to leave a personal message for your child’s teacher and/or request homework, please call the teacher’s voice mail number.

From Our Media Center

The Franklin Township School District is partnering with The Indianapolis Public Library to make sure that every student in the township has a library card. Having a library card ensures that students are connected to the wealth of print and digital resources that are available through The Indianapolis Public Library.

This partnership provides an opportunity to create seamless learning opportunities for all students who might need to use their library card to access electronic resources to support their class curriculum. Students will receive their library cards sometime after winter break.

Upon receiving a library card, here are the details for using it:

· There are 23 public library locations you can visit in person.

· You may borrow, renew or return books, CDs or DVDs at any library.

· You may renew items online, by phone, or in person.

· You can get started exploring at the public library website at

· You can earn prizes through the library’s summer reading program!

The Public Library is open online 24/7!

· Students can also borrow audiobooks and ebooks and stream videos through OverDrive™

· Enjoy magazines online through Zinio™

· Use the public library’s online reference tools to do reports and research!

· Listen and read along online with books on TumbleBooks™

· Download music and music videos – five songs a week – on Freegal™!

If you need help after school, feel free to call the Franklin Road Library (317) 275-4380 or text (317-333-6877) a librarian for help!

Happy Reading!

Kimberly Thurston, Library Media Specialist

Counselor's Corner

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