The Holocaust


What is the holocaust?

The holocaust is a greek origin meaning "sacrifice by fire". The Nazi's and Hitler had believed that the German race is a "racially superior race" and saw the Jewish people as lower people and had felt threatened to the German community. When hitler seized power in 1933 he used and abused his powers under the 'enabling law' to start his plan of attack towards the jewish people. In 1938, the Nazi attack on the jewish people changed and became more violent with Himmler launching Kristallnacht on 11th of November 1938. By 1939, half of Germany's 500,000 Jews had emigrated to escape Nazi Persucution. In january 1942, Himmler decided to change tactics once again and called a special conference at Wansee. At the end of this conference it was all agreed that the current methods were too inefficient and that was when the 'Final solution" came to place. Some methods that involves killing this 6 million jewish people is that the Jewish people were told that they were going to 'resettlement area's' in the East. But what they didn't know was that they were going to a death camp. They would arrive at the 'resettlement areas' by train and arrive at a "mock station" and to ease the 'new arrivals' or to make things less suspicious they'd play classical music to calm them down. Women, children, the elderly and sick would be sent straight to the 'showers' which were actually gas chambers which would be filled with about 2,000 people in a small cement room with the disguised as a shower but what they were really releasing is Zyklon B or Prussic acid. Other tactics used to kill the not just the jews but everyone else who was not a full German was classified lower than the 'master race' hitler named it was that Victims were taken to a deserted area where the people were made to dig their own graves and were shot. If the SS soldiers run out of bullets then they'd use flame throwers.

Was the holocaust successful?

The Nazi's aimed to kill 11 million Jewish people at the Wansee conference in 1941. The Nazi's managed to kill at least 6 million Jewish people. But there were some who had managed to escape this dark tragedy and men like Schindler helped some jewish people escape the final solution. In 1943, the Warsaw ghetto, like many others had gone against the Nazi's once they realized what was REALLY happeneing.