Hot Air Balloon Challenge

Tanner Krueger and Cole Havlovic

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The Materials We Used

- Plastic Bag (8 Gallon)

- Tin Foil

- Cotton Balls (3)

- Rubbing Alcohol

- Masking Tape

- 12 Lb. Fishing Line

- Straws

Our Designs!

Our Calculations and Research

Our first trial did not go as planned, and that lead to some changes in our second and final design. Our first design had two things wrong with it. It was a bit too heavy and also our fishing line burnt off because we had it taped to the inside of the basket. The fishing line was a quick fix, but we needed to learn a way to cut down the weight. We thought that the straws and pipe cleaners would help our garbage stay open, and in the correct shape. After the trial we realized that it wasn't needed because the heated air would fill the garbage bag and it could still maintain its shape. So, we took that off and it made it much lighter and it worked like a charm. Heat was never a problem throughout either of the two trials so we stuck with three cotton balls and two pipet full of rubbing alcohol. Once we made those two changes it lifted off quickly, and worked well.

Data Tables

The weight of the first one was just too much, so we