Athenian Home Sale

Amazing homes in an amazing community!

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Same class neighborhoods

  • Aristocrats (upper class)
  • Metics (middle class)
  • Freedman (lower class)
  • Slaves/Servants

Jobs Available

  • Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Teachers
  • Military Officers
  • Architects
  • Farmers
  • Inventors

Worried About Neighboring City-States?

Don't worry! Our community has towering walls that surround all of our city and our military makes sure that everyone feels safe and at home! If anyone should be worrying it's Sparta!


  • Beautiful Beaches
  • Great Hiking Spots
  • Beautiful Architecture to Admire
  • Huge Libraries
  • Lush Gardens
  • Boat Rentals for Sailing
  • Theaters
  • Great Fishing Locations

About Our Education

Athens is known for having the best schools in all of Greece, we believe that a firm education creates a firm adulthood. We teach art, music, history, reading, writing, counting, morals, and poetry. Fitness education is important to us as well. Boys begin their physical education at the age of seven and then must complete at least two years of military training at the age of 18.
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