Jacobs Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Panel 1: Main Characters

The Main Characters in this book are Alex, Jacob, and Mela Roslan. This book is mainly about Mela and Alex parents of two children taking in this jewish boy named Jacob. The setting is world war 2 and Alex and Mela are ricking not only there lives ut there families lives by taking in Jacob. Jacob lived the life of a wealthy kid but it all changed when the germans invaded Poland. Jacob was stripped from his family for his own safety and the only survivor of his family was the one that he thought to be complety dead his father.

Panel 2: Plot

This story occurs during WWII. The story is based on when Germany invaded Poland starting the war. Germany wanted to eliminate the Jewish race completly. Which leads Jacob into hiding for survival. If caught the Jews were sent to death and work camps to be murdered or worked to death.

Panel: 3

Panel 4: " If you save one life you save a million" I think this qoute means that if you save one persons live you saved there future kids and there kids kids. You save a complete line of people.

Panel 5: I think the immportance of reading this book is to show people that they should not be shelfish and want more but to just realize what they already have because in the Holocaust people couldn't even get food and all of us are fed every day.