ESL Instructional News

October 2017

English Learners and Special Education

The topic of English Learners (ELs) and Special Education can be intimidating and a bit scary. However, there are some myths and misconceptions regarding English Learners and Special Education that are important to address.

Kentucky Department of Education Guidance

Under Title VI and the Equal Educational Opportunity Act (EEOA), districts must ensure that EL students who have or are suspected of having a disability are identified, located, and evaluated in a timely manner and that the language needs of students who need special education and disability related services because of their disability are considered in evaluations and delivery of services. (KDE District Guide for English Learners Program, p. 3)

ESL and ECE Resources

WIDA Focus on Identifying ELLs with Specific Learning Disabilities: Facts, Advice, and Resources for School Teams This is a great place to start. This WIDA bulletin is comprehensive and has links to many resources.

Being an EL is Not a Disability

The Relationship Between Special Education and ESL

Why a Team Approach Matters for Serving ELLs in Special Education

What an ESL Teacher Can Contribute to the Special Education Team

Colorin Colorado Special Education Resources

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