Stages of Sleep

Stage 1: The brain produces theta waves which are slow brain waves. This stage of sleep lasts 5-10 mins. During this stage people can be easily awaken.

Stage 2: Lasts 20 mins, The brain produces rapid, rhythmic brain wave known as sleep spindles. During this stage people are less aware of their surroundings. Their body temperature drops and their heart rate and breathing becomes more normal.

Stage 3: Deep brain waves known as delta waves begin to emerge during this stage. This is also referred as the delta sleep. During this stage people are less responsive, this acts between light to a very deep sleep. Sleepwalking may occur in this stage.

Stage 4: Dreams occur during this stage and the brain is most active.

Stage 1: sense of falling is common

Stage 2: Body Temperature and Heart rate drops.

Stage 3 and 4: Body repairs itself

Stage 5: Sleep cycle restarts.