Austin Koon

College essay

In my college essay I wrote about the characteristic of my personal pride and accomplishment of "harvesting a buck". I was proud of what I accomplished. i succeeded in my goals. Since that day I have been so proud of myself and my pride as a hunter


In the book of "1984" Winston the main character show pride towards a better future. For the community and for Winston. The whole reason he was wanting to know the truth about their past history. Was two know if that everything the government had been telling the people was the truth.

The importance of being Earnest

Jack was being deceitful to others because he thought it would be the right thing to do. It turns out his name was actually Earnest. The whole purpose of changing his name was he rather have the name Earnest than Jack

Global citizenship

What does global citizenship mean? It means a person who shows support and acceptance of other cultures and differences within the world. In my college essay, the theme of pride relates to global citizenship by being proud to be a good member of a greater global group. A different way of being a global citizen is to simple tell the truth. For example, Earnest worked hard to achieve something in life. setting a goal, or changing something in your nation like Winston did in the book "1984".