The life of B.B King

A legandary figure By Prestonweinberg,Chris Sorensen

Opening sentence

B.B King was and still a legendary figure standing above other blues players as one of the greats.

Child hood

B.B king started as a young kid born in the 1925. he was born in Mississippi and started his famous career as a young blues player playing in a small stage in front of a little crowd. played on the streets for 75c an hour he spent most of his day playing saxophone guitar and singing for only 75c


His Father was his influence his name was Bukka White who also played blues and taught B.B king to play blues when he was nine. this is where his career started by his father teaching him. his father was a good and famous blues player too with a couple albums

Time Period

after he started playing in the clubs for a couple months he started to get noticeable by the middle of the 40s he started playing in front of large audiences he played blues from young child and teen to elder all the way till he was 88 been playing for 80 years! including childhood and famous career B.B Kings most famous song is called The Thrill Has Gone around this time is when he started making some serious $$$$$$$$$$

B.B Kings music

sings blues and plays saxophone some songs were happy and some were sad it depended on what mood he was in most of his albums were 10 songs half of them might be happy and the other 5 might be sad ,everyday I have the blues is a song that he sang when he was sad a song called Rock Me Baby is a happy song that he made why some of his songs are sad is because he had it kinda rough growing up and it was stuck in his head through the rest of his life.

interesting facts

he was born in Itta Bena Mississippi he had 16 kids from different women some same some different He died in May 14th 2015 in hospice care he was in there for natural cause reasons he had heart problems. B.B King is a legendary figure to remember for decades to come a little picture of his house in Itta Bena Mississippi. B.B King has a museum in Mississippi of all his achivments and some of his original lyrics a couple guitars he had and much much more.