Rawhide Boys Ranch

John and Jan Gillespie

What My Individual Has Done to Help the Community

Someone's grandson was in a mid age crisis and he was hangin with the wrong people and doing bad stuff. The person's grandpa knew someone else's son was like his grandson and it set him strait so he tried it and it helped.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6swGNuCaxGM


A Grandfather's Story: Rawhide Boys Ranch

Impact on the Community

They made rawhide because they wanted to help troubled teens to control their anger.http://www.rawhide.org

Background Info

John met Jan when he was in 2nd grade in the same room.They married in 1947. They founded Rawhide in 1965. They have two kids and some grandchildren.http://www.rawhide.org

What Can I Do?

Here are some ways I can help the community:

  • I can pull weeds,
  • shovel driveways
  • donate to charity
  • volunteer at homeless centers
  • pick up garbage in the woods
  • I can use sticks instead of buying cut up trees. What can you do?

All About Me

I'm ten yrs. old and my name is Jay Jay. I like guns, halo, melee weapons & video games.