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December 9, 2020 Newsletter

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Greetings, Park Terrace families!

Thank you for all your support as we transitioned from Modified Campus (Hybrid) to Extended Flexible Learning (distance). The transition has been smooth and students and staff appear to be settling into the new routine.

Please remember, when we are in Extended Flexible Learning, attendance is taken and recorded at the end of each day based on student attendance in the “live” sessions for the day. So, it is critical that students attend and participate in their live sessions. We are following up with students experiencing frequent absences to identify and resolve access concerns or other barriers to participating in the learning. If your child is sick, or needs to be absent from a live session for any reason, please continue to call the attendance line (763-600-5609) to report a student absence.

Report cards will be available via Campus Parent Portal on Friday, December 11. A copy will also be mailed home on Friday. Please read the Need to Know section of the newsletter for additional details regarding report cards.

We continue to track COVID-19 cases in our community and work with our regional public health experts to be good community partners. As we get closer to winter break – which begins on December 23 – we will update families on plans for how we will return to learning on January 4 after our winter break. Thank you for your partnership and patience as we continue to navigate this ever-changing situation.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions, concerns or comments. We love to hear from families!


Mona Perkins

Extended Flex Learning Families: Report cards, attendance and starting a new trimester


This week is the start of the second trimester. Wow…where did the first trimester go? We have a good two weeks of learning before our winter break. From my observations, both students and teachers are ready to do this.

Since we are starting a new trimester you will soon be receiving the first report card of this school year. Your student’s report card will come from your home school. Please see details in the building principal’s message including how to interpret the grading on the report card.

This is also a great time to remind everyone of how we are taking attendance in EFL.

Attendance is taken and recorded at the end of each day based on student attendance in the "live" sessions for the day. We are following up with any student experiencing frequent absences to partner with families to identify concerns and/or challenges that might be getting in the way of student participation and learning.

Today was a material pickup day. If you missed it, please call the school office to arrange for an alternate to pick up student resources.

I hope everyone is having a happy, healthy and safe week!

Kim Fehringer

Principal on Assignment

K-4 Extended Flexible Learning

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Trimester 1 Elementary Report Cards (Grades K-5) Reporting on student learning

Report cards are just one of many ways that we report on student learning throughout the year. Report card grades reflect student learning, and teachers look at evidence of learning, over time, to determine where students are at in their learning at the time of report cards.

All grades received reflect student learning that occurred during Trimester 1. Grades for K-5 include:

  • MS: Minimal progress toward standard
  • AS: Approaching the standard
  • S: Met the standard
  • ES: Exceeds the standard

You may see two other marks on the report card:

An NA indicates that students did not have opportunities to learn this outcome throughout Trimester 1. Any learning outcomes marked as NA for Trimester 1 will be addressed throughout the rest of the year.

An NE (No Evidence) grade indicates that students had opportunities to learn this outcome during Trimester 1, but did not submit any evidence of their learning. As a result, there is no evidence to determine where they are at toward meeting the learning outcome. Any learning outcomes marked as NE for Trimester 1 will be addressed throughout the rest of the year.

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Continue to report COVID-19 symptoms, positive cases during distance learning

Although our learning model has shifted to distance learning for the time being, it is vital that you continue to call the Health Office at 763-600-5604 to report any positive cases of COVID-19, close contact exposures to any positive cases of COVID-19, and signs or symptoms of illness that you may have in your household.

This information allows us to prioritize safety when we transition back into the hybrid learning environment by adhering to Minnesota Department of Health guidelines for quarantine and isolation, thereby limiting the spread of the virus.

As a reminder, Minnesota also has testing availability. Here is some additional information about available testing:

  1. At-home COVID-19 saliva testing - Minnesota offers free, at-home COVID-19 saliva testing for people who believe they need to be tested, with or without symptoms. Right now, families can order up to five test kits per household. Families will be asked if they have insurance, but the state will cover the costs for any uninsured or underinsured families. You should not receive a bill using this testing option. Order your at-home test here.
  2. COVID-19 community testing sites - All COVID-19 testing is free at Minnesota Department of Health community testing events. We are always planning more community testing events across the state, working together with communities to make sure everyone can get tested. Tests are free for everyone, and no identification or insurance is required.
  3. Find nasal swab community testing events
  4. Find saliva community testing sites

Reach out to our school nurse if you have questions, 763-600-5604.

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Community Education Youth Take-Home Kits

Take-home art and science activities are available for pick-up on Wednesdays and will keep your child's mind active and creative! Visit the website to view full details and sign up or call Community Education at 763-600-5050. This week's highlight of new take-home activities include:

  1. Science Explorers - Science of Slime and Crazy Catapults
  2. Arts & Crafts - Skateboarding Reindeer

Register for the spring 2021 lacrosse season

The Spring Lake Park Youth Lacrosse Association invites families to register their students for the upcoming spring 2021 lacrosse season. By joining the team, students will learn how to pass, catch, cradle and have a blast playing lacrosse! Online registration opens on January 4. For more details, check out this flyer.

Sign up for Spring Lake Park - Parks & Recreation Winter 2021 Youth Programs

Looking for fun and enriching activities for your child to be involved in this winter? From a 1v1 Solo Duos Fortnite Tournament and Snapology: Ninja Mania workshop to QC Dance Studio Classes and Parent & Child Robotics workshops, there are a variety of great programs for your child this winter offered by the Spring Lake Park - Parks & Recreation Department. Read this flyer for program descriptions and registration information.
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2nd Grade Students Discuss the Reasons Why People Write

Mrs. Winterer and her second grade EL class recently discussed the many reasons why people write. They can write to inform, to tell a story, to express and a million other reasons as well. To illustrate this, Mrs. Winterer sent them on a mission to find something around their home with writing on it and, when they returned, they discussed what the reason for the writing was for!

Learning Ventures at Park Terrace

Students in Learning Ventures here at Park Terrace are having fun doing their online schoolwork while also having the opportunity to play games with friends, do projects with the Learning Ventures staff and play in the gym and outside on the playground!
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In case you missed important information from last week's newsletter, check out the topics below and click to learn more.

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