save your money and your planet

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fix your "broken" stuff

For the ford 2001 Taurus station wagon, the serpentine belt costs $20 but many places will charge you $100 to replace it. This means that you would save $80 by replacing it yourself. you can save more money by fixing things and by replacing broken parts instead of the entire thing. The car at the top costs $5 000 instead of a $20 part if you were to buy an entirly new car. Fixing your stuff will save your money and your planet.

the other two Rs

reduce: simply buy less (this costs less) and save resources

recycle: you can put certain things like metals, paper, glass, wood, and certain plastics to save the planet. more on that behind this link:

what else can we do

to give incentive to buy efficient cars, we could pass a carbon tax, we could also have recycling laws like their are in Germany.

what we could do on a personal level is turn off lights, take shorter showers, recycle everything you can, and buy only what you are going to use.


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