Singin' in the Rain

Gotta dance!


Love Actually (2003)

Get Smart (2008)

Bad Teacher (2011)

Jerry (2009)

Runner, Runner (2013)

In Time (2011)

Triple Threat Score

Acting- 8

Dancing- 10

Singing- 9

Justin Timberlake is Don Lockwood

Justin Timberlake is one of the best dancers on the charts. He was in the boy band NSYNC, and was very talented at dancing. Not only can he dance like Michael Jackson and Gene Kelly are his instructors, but he can sing extremely well to go with it. Justin Timberlake won a primetime emmy award for: Outstanding Original Music & Lyrics, Best Ensemble, Best Song, and Best Pop Solo Performance. His dancing and singing has such an attraction I have no doubt he will keep on getting nominated or winning awards for his talents. Not only can he sing and dance but his acting ability finally qualifies him as a tripple threat. He has acted in Love Actually, Get Smart, Bad Boys II, In Time, Trouble With The Curve, Bad Teacher, and Jerry. He suits the Don Lockwood roll very well. Don Lockwood is charming, Timberlake in most roles he plays in movies he is charming. Also in real life i find him in interviews or in live performances to be charming. He is an attracting dancer, just as Don Lockwood is. Justin voice is one to give you chills, Lockwood has a soothing voice to do the same and simultaneously relax you. I think Justin Timberlake is a perfect match up for Don Lockwood.
Justin Timberlake Reunites with NSYNC at 2013 VMA's!
Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?


(500) Days of Summer (2009)

Inception (2010)

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Looper (2012)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is perfect for the role of Cosmo

Joseph is quite the actor, being nominated for Golden Globe Awards for his role in 50/50 and his role in (500) Days of Summer. Cosmo is a comedic character and Joseph has played in a couple comedic roles such as 50/50 and Don Jon. He has been acting since the age of 4 joining a musical theatre group.

Triple Threat Score

  1. Acting - 9
  2. Dancing - 7
  3. Singing - 8

Anna Kendrick as Kathy Selden


Pitch Perfect (2012)

Up in the Air (2009)

Into the Woods (2014)

50/50 (2011)

Anna Kendrick is basically real-life Kathy Selden

Anna Kendrick is one of Hollywood's biggest triple threats. She's acted in the Twilight Series, Up in the Air (being nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actress in Up in the Air), 50/50, Life After Beth, Happy Christmas, The Company you Keep, and countless other films. As a dancer, she has danced in multiple numbers in Pitch Perfect and the Broadway musical "High School". As for singing, she has sung on Broadway, in numerous films such as Pitch Perfect, Into the Woods, The Last Five Years, Up in the Air, The Marc Pease Experience, and Camp, on a TV series called Great Performances, on Saturday Night Live, and at the Oscars. She seems to be over-qualified and prepared to take on the acting, dancing, and especially singing parts of Kathy Selden in Singin' in the Rain. On top of that, she has been nominated 38 times, winning 18 times at Austin Film Critic Awards, HFCS, MTV, NBR, NTFCA, Rising Star Awards, and TFCA. She is already friends with Joseph Gordon Levitt after co-starring with him in 50/50, making it an easy transition to co-star with him in Singin' in the Rain. She also has the natural looks and energy characteristic of Kathy's character, along with the talent to play her part.

Triple Threat Score

Acting- 9

Dancing- 8

Singing- 10

On the steps of the palace | Into the woods 2014 | Anna Kendrick