Female Ski Jumping

Marivel garcia

History of ski jumping

Women's Ski jumping became a sport on April 6th, 2011. April 6th ,2011 is when women were officially able to play in the sport. For a long time girls wanted to enter,but they weren't allowed because they wanted ski jumping to remain male.It was first played in Eidsberg,Norway.It was in the Olympics in 1924.

Ski Jumping rules/equipment


  1. The bindings must be mounted the same to the running direction
  2. The boots must be flexible but firm as we'll with a low cut at the front
  3. This is the part of binding ,to prevent the wobbling a cord needs to attach to the boot
  4. Ski jumping suit, The size of the suit must fit the body's shape in an upright position with certain tolerances.
  5. Skis with a length of maximum 146% of the total body height of the competitor can be used. The curvature and shape of the skis is restricted by certain geometric features. The jumpers need a certain body weight to be allowed to jump the maximum ski length

Winning Carina Vogt of 2014

Carin won the first gold for female ski jumping. She is 22, she represented Germany. Norm in Germany on February 5,1992

Simon Ammann winner of 2010

Simon Ammann wom last times Olympics ,which was four years ago,in 2010. It was a male not a female. Born June 25,1981. He was 23 years old.This year a woman actually won this year.
Carina Vogt überzeugt in Sapporo ( 2. Platz )