Smith News

January 11th

What's going on?

Dear Parents,

This week is going to go by very quickly! We have so much going on.

Outdoor School – We will be leaving around 8:30 on Wednesday and Thursday to go and spend our days in the great outdoors (Copper Canyon). Here are a few tips to help make the trip more enjoyable and comfortable:

· Dress in layers


· Wear heavy socks

· Bring a disposable sack lunch and a draw string back backpack

· Wearing a hat is great idea!

Our spelling words this week will focus on academic vocabulary, and we will have a review of prefixes and suffixes. I will send home a study guide and students can study them each night.

We have been working on linking verbs in our “Science Grammar Series” and we will begin a new research/writing project soon.

We are learning about the American Revolution and it is so fun!! We are currently watching the Colonist grow weary of King George III and his bossy attitude. When Ben Franklin goes to England and is put on trial for TREASON, they were messing with the wrong guy! When he returns back to the colonies and gets together with his patriotic friends, it is going to get very messy! I cannot wait to get into the battles! There is so much to learn and I truly admire this group of extraordinary people who stood up to the most powerful country in the world at that time and fought for our freedom. I admire them all, especially George Washington. I LOVE HISTORY!

I will be out on Tuesday working with LISD, writing curriculum for fifth grade Language Arts.

Students are still working in Book Club Groups, reading with their peers and completing book portfolios. Next week, we will begin reading an extraordinary book called Fever 1793. It is the best book we will read in fifth grade this year, and it is Historical Fiction. It is a very challenging book, written at a high level. Many Middle Schools read the story, but I believe we can handle it. When we are done students will be amazed at the situation and the fight for survival the early colonist endured.

Friday is early dismissal and we have Monday off.

The Christmas Jar was given to a family that Will Tasker and his parents are friends with. This family really needed the Jar of Money this year and had been in a recent car accident, so it was perfect timing for them. It felt good to give the jar to a great family that really needed a little “pick up" this holiday. Will’s mom said they cried when they received the jar. Thank you for sending in extra change so that we could bless a wonderful/giving family. You really made a difference!

A huge thank you to everyone for blessing me at Christmas. Your gifts, gift cards, and personal notes mean the world to me. I treasure each card and each gift!!! You are all very special and I feel so privileged to be a small part of your child’s life.


Patty Smith