French Advertising

Lauren Doty

What is advertising?

The activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.

Methods of Advertising

La seduction: To lure, charm, attract, tempt, fascinate, to entice.

La spectacle: Drama, a show, an attraction, lavish and high production values, entertainment values and excitement of the theater.

L'amour: Romantic notions, ad should not focus on product functions.

L'humour: May be shocking to Americans or humor expressed in the playful use of words and amusing associations.

  • In my honest opinion advertising doesn't change your life it only changes the quality of the seller's life because they make all the money.
  • Advertiser's manipulate you into buying their product and promises things that won't ever come true , that's how they influence you. Sometimes they trick you into thinking something is good quality because it is a designer/name brand that "everyone" has to have.

French vs. American commericals

They are trying to sell coffee creamer

France is using it in a humorous, cute kinda way to make you think it's fun and cool to drink, targeting everyone and making it interesting by adding fun little whales.

America is using it in a humorous and relate able kinda way to get people who drink coffee to buy their product and skip the coffee bar line, making it useful to see yourself using it everyday.

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French vs. American print ads

They are trying to sell McDonald's

France is targeting everyone using social media and relate able things like emojis, so that they will buy their product and think it's cool and fun to eat, the emojis also represent emotions felt when you buy their product or in their restaurant.

America is targeting everyone to eat their bigger meals, so they can sooth their hunger and have the whole family there for dinner.

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