Christiana's Eagle Smore

By Christiana

All About Eagles

My name is Christiana and I go to Springfield Elementary!

I'm in the SPR Gatas Program and lately I've been observing the Berry College Eagles.

This smore is all about eagles.

If you like eagles then this is a great smore for YOU!

Have fun on my smore hope you learn something and are encouraged to learn more!


Day 1

March 3,2015

The mommy bird of the Berry College Eagles had her babies and they are so cute and adorable.

One of the eagles are very greedy because that certain eagle didn’t want to share the food with his/her sister/brother.

Let's Observe

Berry College Eagles

March 10,2015

The eagle baby’s are resting and the eagle mom/dad is watching the baby’s and their surroundings.There still but not that still because there squirming around and one of the baby birds are trying to stand up and fly the other one is lazy because it’s just laying there.The little birdies are kissing each other and it’s so cute.The mom was just eating her fur/wings or licking itself. Right now the baby’s are all hugged up and cute but they look tired though.


-why did the grown up bird lift up his wings?

-why did the grown up bird go into the nest?

-is the grown up tired?

-how big was the eagles meal?

-why are the baby’s hugged up,are they cold?


March 24 2015

At 11:18 the mom bird is feeding the baby bird something to eat,and the birds actually grew alot more than more than it was at first when they were first born.

The food the birds are eating looks like a rabbit.I am wondering if the male eagle is protecting the babies right now and this eagle reminds me of a male.

The adult is eating food and the babies look tired, maybe they are tired.


>when does the adult bird eat<>when will the birds get full body and feathers<

>how does the adult birds catch food without watching the babies<


MARCH 31 2015

The eagles are growing and they resemble adult eagles because they’ve gotten larger they also are cuddled up too.

I wonder if they are cold or sleeping but right now I just don’t know.I’m observing the baby eagles and they arn’t eating or anything there just in the corner of there nest relaxing and it does look windy out there so they might be cuddleing now because they are cold.

They are very big now and they are really cute and I just love the eagles!


APRIL 14 2015

The babies are making noises for some reason which I don’t know why,

they’re also eating fish and i’m kinda curious how it actually got in the nest but the mom is just starting to eat with one of the babies i’m not sure why the other baby bird isn’t eating.

The baby birds legs have gotten stronger and now they are really big and black with a little bit of white in their feathers and their mostly just plain old BLACK mostly and they’re adult like and are bigger than a week ago.

Now they are sitting on the side of their nest eating their fish leaving nothing but skull.


Berry College Eagles

Big image

Fledging time!!!

April 21,2015

The eagles are on the edge of the nest like it’s about to fledge soon,maybe they will because they’re bigger now but...they haven’t lived long yet.

I love the baby eagles but they growed very fast and I’m wondering why the parents arn’t there,maybe the babies are grown now.

I would love to work with the eagles and observe again.

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They've Fledged

The Berry College Eagles has fledged from their nest and it’s the end of blogging about the berry college eagles and i’m really sad but the eagles have to grow up aswell as humans/people.

There’s no eagles in the nest except the parent eagle.

Thank You!

Tuesday May 12,2015

I want to thank Miss Dr.Carleton for letting me and others observe the Berry College Eagles for a while.

I also wanted to say It was a privilege and I hope that there are more eagles for me and others to observe and to see.

It was really fun and cool to do and I would like to do more research on the Berry College Eagles!


Christiana, the eagle observer!