Trinidad and Tobago

By: Jordan Moscheo period 8

Political info!

Trinidad and Tobago is really on 2 islands! There government is a Parliamentary republic, and they can vote at age 18!

National Symbol

Trinidad and Tobago each have there own national symbol. Trinidad has a Scarlet ibis, and Tobago has a Cocrico bird. If you think these birds look alike, then you are wrong!!


Carnival is a MAJOR holiday that is celebrated every year. It is celebrated the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Carnival is very colorful, and loud,too. Carnival brings the most people from any other place than any other country!!


In Trinidad and Tobago, School is compulsory between the ages 6-12,and free between the ages 6-18! Anyone who wants to go to school after the age 18, the government will fund ant available students!

Literacy rate

The total population for literacy rate in Trinidad and Tobago is 99%

Male literacy rate is 99.2%

and female literacy rate is 98.7%.