Should GMO's be labeled?

Should we continue to stay in the dark with GMO's in food?

GM food's risks

GMO's cause a whole mess of risks in the food such as:

  1. allergic reactions that can be fatal.
  2. toxins within the food itself that can be harmful to the consumer.
  3. some Genetically modified seed can contaminate other non-GM seed.
  4. antibiotic resistance- if a plant becomes infected it can be resistant to the thing that can help it.
  5. GM food seeds can create "super weeds" that are resistant to many forms of extermination

why aren't they labeled and why should they be labeled?

Label-less GM foods

Monsanto, the largest GM food producer, is dumping millions of dollars into keeping their GMO products unlabeled. Why you might ask? to keep the consumer party in the dark about whats in their food to make sure they continue to buy their products. These products should be labeled so consumers know what they are putting in their body, its a right that every person deserves.

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