Hannah Sauer

My Present Self

What made Me.

Girlfriend: My boyfriends name is Price, and even though he is a Theatre major and I am an International Studies Major, it is very clear I am the animated personality in our relationship, I.E. he keeps me level :)

Daughter: My birth parents are still very much in love and together, I have an older brother and an older sister. I'm the baby.

Cha Cha (more commonly known as Aunt): I have a BEAUTIFUL baby niece by the name of Kailynn, she is 19 and 1/2 months old. She very recently got a handsome brother by the name of Jaylin, he is still just a few weeks old :)

Gamer: I love me a good video game in my free time.

Employee: I work for the College of Charleston Book Store, recently promoted to Supervisor/ Trainer for the new employees

College Student: I am an International Studies Major and Japanese as well as World Religions Minor.

Runner: Training for a marathon.

Busy: Oh So Very Busy.

Dog Lover: I have 5 dogs :)

Musician: Ukulele, Guitar, and Voice are musical Talents :)

I want to run a Marathon and overcome a tragedy that occurred in my life a little more than a year ago. If I grow more comfortable, then I will tell what my significant experience is. But last and not least:

I am a fighter.