Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank


Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl living in hiding for many years with fellowships of vast friends and family. The Frank family consisted of her sister Margot, and Mrs. Frank and Mr. Frank. They also lived with the Van Dann family and a young dentist named Mr. Dussel. If they survive in the hiding is for you to read and find out.

We Must Have Courage

The theme, we must have courage no matter what the opstacle is, is used through the story Diary of Anne Frank. They are in hiding for years, never knowing when and how they'll get out. They are forced to be quiet at all times, never look out the windows, just simply not do anything to be noticed. There is much scarce and deep doubt but their courage and hope never lets them fall. "Every time I hear a creak in the house, step on the street, I'm sure they're coming for us." (Pg.81). It's hard for all of them at this point in time. They live in constant fear. Anne always has nightmares of her being taken away, she screams and cries waking everyone up, making them frightened she'll wake the neighbors. (Pg. 397). But through this time they have courage. Mr. Frank made a very courageous act during the Christmas time for them. When they heard someone lurking around their house and zoom out, Mr. Frank went out to see who it was. (Pg. 408). Living in this place was very tough for them, but they gained courage, they had too to survive.

Always Need Friends and family

It may be hard to get along with family members or friends at times, but you'll always need them. You may fight and have conflicts, such as Annes familiy and friends while they're in hiding. The theme, even if you don't get along sometimes, you will always need friends/family is supported through the story. At most times there is always someone there on your side while in a fight. Someone to back you up or even comfort you, the same goes for these people in hiding. As stated in the book, "Anne turns away in tears. Margot goes to Anne, putting her arms comfortingly around her." (Pg. 393). Again, there is usually someone there to help out and be on your side. Mr. Kraler and Miep where very against the nazis, for they helped out the Jews. To these people in hiding, Miep and Mr. Kraler were their protectors. (Pg. 381). They helped deliver foods and usful resources to this family. They risked there life being very generous to these people. Also being generous, on the night of Christmas Anne gave someone a present. (Pg. 403). With all the negativity in their time, they still stuck together through the best and worst of it.

We need faith

Everyone has faith in something. Wether it's a god or an event that has happened in time, everyone has something they believe in. The theme, even in dark times we have faith to guide us through, is much faith supported through this story. To these people in hiding, they had strong Jewish faith. These people lived in fear for many obscure years. They lived in fear and doubt, but their faith was strong. When it got closer to Christmas time they decided to have a Hanukkah. (Pg. 408). With all the doubt in their mind and the fear of living, they did not let their fear overcome them and decided to stand up and celebrate there faith. They let the fear pass away, and happiness and celebration of what they believe in pass through, for that special day. While celebrating a sudden man appeared below them. He shortly left after a fault but these people in hiding became paranoid they would get caughet. As the fear rolled back in Mr. Frank tried to calm things down again. "Have we lost all faith...? We were sure it was the end, but it wasn't." (Pg.408). With some faith comes prayer. Many prayed for dark times, if they need a blessing, or just to connect with their god. Since these families were jewish, they prayed. "We thank Thee, oh Lord our God, that in thy infinite mercy thou hast again fit to spare us." (Pg. 408).
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The Journal

Anne Frank is very dedicated to writing, that's all she does. I chose a journal to represent Anne Frank because that's the closest thing to her in hiding, writing in general is her passion, and she takes her journal everywhere and writes in it everyday. The closest thing to her in hiding means that she tells that journal everything. She writes down her mood, her day, how her emotions changed through the day everything. She metaphorically tells her journal more than she has ever told a living human. Through the text it says that writing is her passion, she dreams of becoming a famous writer, that's all she wants. Everyday when she was in hiding you would never see Anne without her writing her peace of mind in her general, there was never a time going by she didn't write down a single word. She was extremely dedicated to the arts of writing. It was her passion.

Makenna Gaerte


December 5th, 2015