John F. Kennedy

By: Mackenzie Jackson

About John F. Kennedy's life

On May 29,1917 John F. Kennedy was born to Joseph and Rose Kennedy. His religion was Roman Catholicism with is also know as the Catholic Church. Kennedy went to college at Harvard University .He was elected into office as President of the United States on January 20,1961. At only 43 years of age he was the youngest president to be elected into office at the time. John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States.He had four children with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy. Kennedy was assasinated on November 22, 1963 .

About the Bay of Pigs

On April 17, the Cuban-exile invasion force, landed at beaches along the Bay of Pigs and immediately came under heavy fire. Cuban planes attacked the invaders, they sank two escort ships, and destroyed half of the invaders air support. To add onto it all bad weather hit the ground force hard, which meant they had to work with soggy equipment and insufficient ammunition. Some exiles escaped to the sea, while the rest were killed or rounded up and imprisoned by Castro's forces.They remained prisoners and were kept in captivity for 20 months.Castro eventually settled on President John F Kennedy's deal wich was $53 million worth of baby food and medicine in exchange for the prisoners.

Cuban Missel Crisis

After provocative political moves and the failed US attempt to overthrow the Cuban regime. In May 1962 Nikita Khrushchev proposed the idea of placing Soviet nuclear missiles on Cuba to deter any future invasion attempt. The United States considered attacking Cuba via air and sea, but decided on a military blockade instead, calling it a "quarantine" for legal and other reasons.But in all reality there really was no need to call it a quarantine , because there was no issue health wise they just wanted to keep the people in Cuba .The United States announced that it would not permit offensive weapons to be delivered to Cuba, They demanded that the Soviets dismantle the missile bases already under construction or completed, and return all offensive weapons to the USSR.

The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was constructed in August 1961. That It completely cut off (by land)West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin .The barrier included guard towers that were placed along large concrete walls, with people later started to call it "The Death Strip " . The wall also had anti vehicle trenches and had other defenses also . They claimed that they built the wall to keep out Fascist elements that were conspiring and to prevent a massive emigration and defection from happening .

Peace Corps

In this program Americans would volunteer to help underdeveloped nations in areas such as education, farming, health care, and construction. The organization grew to 5,000 members by March 1963 and 10,000 the following year.Since 1961, over 200,000 Americans have joined the Peace Corps and are serving in 139 countries.


Kennedy initially proposed an overhaul of American immigration policy that later was to become the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. It dramatically shifted the source of immigration from Northern and Western European countries towards immigration from Latin America and Asia. Kennedy wanted to dismantle the selection of immigrants based on country of origin.

Space Goal

Kennedy gave a speech on his goal of landing a man on the moon . "First, I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth. No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important for the long-range exploration of space; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish." On July 20, 1969, almost six years after Kennedy's death, Apollo 11 landed the first manned spacecraft on the Moon. It was a shame to all that Kennedy was not around when it happened.

Kennedy's Death

President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, at 12:30 pm , on Friday November 22, 1963, while on a political trip to Texas. He was shot a total of three times, once in the throat , once in the upper back, with the fatal shot hitting him in the head. He was taken to Parkland Hospital for emergency medical treatment. President John F. Kennedy was pronounced dead at 1:00 pm. At the age of only 46, President Kennedy died younger than any U.S. president to date.