Colic Baby

Fredy Benitez

Defination of Colic

  • severe, often fluctuating pain in the abdomen caused by intestinal gas or obstruction in the intestines and suffered especially by babies


  • swaddling, wrap tight so no movement
  • makes them feel like in the womb
  • hold baby face down on forearm
  • pressure on tummy relives uncomfortable gas
  • white sounds makes it feel in womb
  • turn fan on
  • run dishwasher
  • low level sounds
  • pacifier helps calm them down
  • saying shhh in their ears
  • take them in a ride
  • cradle them in a rocking chair
  • studies shows infants massaged cry less and sleep better
  • slow firm strokes on feet, back, chest, and face
  • wear them with a carrier or sling
  • burping them, head over shoulder
  • sit her up 1 arm support neck and chest
  • take to doctor if concerned
  • usually begins in 3 weeks of age
  • peaks somewhere from 4-6 weeks of age
  • colic crying usually happens at the end of the day
  • singing lullabies can be useful
  • outgrows it 3-4 moths
  • Simethicone drops without prescription helps with gas
  • hold baby upright position
  • help with gas and heart burn
  • warm towel may be soothing to their stomachs
Colic Calm Seeing is Believing - Baby Zahra


  • arched back
  • cries for "no reason"
  • cry for 3 or more hours a day
  • 3 or more days a week
  • for three weeks
  • clench his fist
  • bends legs and arms to stomach
  • red flush face when crying
  • passes gas during crying
  • starts in afternoon about same time everyday
  • bloated tummy


  • cant be partially soothed for a few minutes
  • has trouble breathing
  • diarrhea or blood in his stool
  • eats less than usual