Identity Theft Poster

By Jordan Cates

How do thieves steal identities?

  • Dumpster diving
  • Skimming - Using a special device when processing the victims card
  • Phishing - Sending pop-up ads or spam
  • Old fashioned stealing - stealing purses, wallets or mail

What do thieves do with stolen info?

A variety of ways. They may open up new credit card accounts in your name, change your billing address, or spend your money.

How can you prevent identity theft from happening to you?

Cut up old cards, don't carry your social security card on you, watch out for pick-pockets, and install firewalls on your computer

What do you do if you realize your identity has been stolen?

Keep detailed record of correspondence and phone records, contact the 3 major credit bureaus, close accounts, file a report with the local police, and file a complaint with FTC