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Week of May 16, 2016

New info and resources courtesy of your 7B librarian

1. BUNCEE - a fun alternative to Google Slides

I heard about Buncee on the Free Technology for Teachers Blog and played around with it a little last week. You can drag-and-drop all kinds of multimedia including animations, audio files, videos, images and free-hand drawings. It's easy and fun - and has lots of potential applications!

Here's what Richard Byrne has to say about Buncee:

"Compared to Google Slides Buncee has more video and audio options. While you can draw on Google Slides that requires the use of Google Drawings whereas on Buncee slides students just choose the pencil icon and start drawing."

Edu.buncee.com Webinar

2. CITATION UPDATES - 2 new changes to be aware of!

  1. The 8th edition of the MLA handbook has just been published, along with a new MLA Style Center website. The good news is that all citation rules have been simplified and streamlined! I'll have details soon, but it should make things much easier for our students - yay!

  2. All Chappaqua schools are moving from EasyBib to NoodleTools next year because of changes in the EasyBib subscription policies. Yes, there will be a learning curve as we transition, but I personally think NoodleTools is a better product anyway :-)

    I'll be preparing support materials for students and teachers.
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3. MODEL SCHOOLS - free summer technology workshops

If you want to learn some new tech tools and skills this summer, check out LHRIC's Model School's catalog. Our district is a member, so all programs are free to faculty. I've taken several of their programs and thought they were excellent. Registration is on My Learning Plan.
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Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this week's N.E.W.S. - Karen