Tristen Eapen

Pu you smell

  • Symbol: Pu
  • Atomic Number: 94
  • Atomic Weight: 224.06
  • Group: 8
  • Period: 7
  • Color: Silvery white
  • Classification: Metallic

Additional Information

  • History: Plutonium was synthesized by Seaborg, McMillan, Kennedy and Wahl in 1940 caused by deuteron bombardment of uranium in a cyclotron (a device that accelerates atomic particles)
  • Uses: Nuclear weapons, pacemakers, and is used for nuclear power
  • Description: The second transuranium element of the actinide series

    1 kilogram is equivalent of 22million kilowatt hours of energy

    Plutonium contamination is an emotive environmental problem.
  • Biology (in humans): No biological role
  • Geology ( in the universe): Found in uranium ores
  • Properties: Melting point:639.4 C (1182.9F)

    Boiling point: 3503

    Liquid range:2591

  • Interesting Facts: 1 kilogram can make an explosion of 20000 tons of chemical explosive

    Used on Apollo missions to power the seismic and other equipment on the lunar surface