The Greasers Conspiracy

Bob Sheldon Dead?

The Killing of Bob

On the night of the killing of Bob Sheldon, Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade was in the park at a fairly dark time of the night.However, little did they know that on that night, the popular; well known; Soc leader; Bob Sheldon would die. Soon after arriving, both Ponyboy and Johnny heard a blast from a car horn which let them to believe that the blue Mustang that the Socs owned was near, which is somewhat of an odd occurrence since the park they were in was considered safe Greaser territory. Shortly, Ponyboy and Johnny soon realize that they were surrounded by five Socs, including Bob and Randy. Out of the blue mustang stumbled five moderately intoxicated Socs.

But why would the Socs come after Ponyboy and Johnny at such a time you may ask? Earlier that evening Ponyboy claims that the group of Socs they encountered had threaten them after they had offered to walk home their girlfriends Cherry and Marcia, and to make things worse this isn’t the first time this has happen to Johnny. Previously, this spring Bob and his gang had severely beaten and even traumatized Johnny to a point that he started to carry around a switchblade as a precaution and a source of self defense if Bob ever chose to become aggressive again, and this was definitely one of those times. As Johnny prepares to defend himself with the switchblade he carries, defenseless Ponyboy is grabbed before he could realize it and is shoved in the fountain by a Socs 2 times his size, since Ponyboy is only 14 years old and compared to an 18 year old what is he suppose to do? As ponyboy struggles to reach surface These Socs show no signs of letting him come up.

Furthermore, as Johnny is witnessing his best friend being drowned he takes action in his own hands and stabs Bob in hope to free his friend Ponyboy. After Johnny stabs Bob, and Ponyboy passes out, as he can breathe again, following Ponyboy comes back to his senses and wakes up to see Johnny covered in the blood of Bob and says “I’ve killed him,” he said slowly. "I've killed that boy." Johnny sits there in the blood of his victim Bob Sheldon, but only did he choose to use his weapon out of the act of self defense and to save Ponyboy from drowning.

The Escape

As Johnny comes into realization of what he had just done, both Johnny and Ponyboy panics as they realize they have to get out of the commotion, as sense they are both greasers and have somewhat of a bad reputation, the police would most likely not listen, which would end with a bad result of both of them in some sort of punishment or even death penalty. “Johnny!” I nearly screamed. “What are we gonna do? They put you in the electric chair for killing people!” I was shaking. Afterwards, they go to Dally Winston one of the toughest greasers around and find him at party to seek help. When they arrive there, Dally helps a lot by giving them directions towards a hideout that they can stay in until some of the heat clears up and also one loaded gun, a jacket, and $50 that can buy food for one week. Then they take off, after they arrive in the country side they are out to seek an old abandoned church which can provide them with shelter to keep their faces safe from the police, and settle down for the night. In the morning they both wake up in the church remembering the things they did on the night of the killing. In result, both boys try to change up their looks by cutting and dying their hair which will better hide their identity and faces. After couple of days Dally makes a trip to check on both of the boys and finds them in the church.

The Rumble

Ponyboy swallows five aspirin as a painkiller for his headache and gets ready for the rumble by taking a bath and tying to become tuff looking. After that they head out for the rumble. As Ponyboy sees the crowed of Socs he starts to feel a sinking feeling. Twenty-two Socs arrive in their mustangs to fight the twenty greasers. Starting the fight is Darry as he steps forward to hit the first Soc. Then soon after Dally comes and joins the group which leads out to a full blown fight between the greasers and the Socs. After the fight, the greasers win. When the rumble is over Dally say too Ponyboy that they have to go to the hospital to see Johnny and tells him of the great victory that the greasers had won, but when they go tell Johnny, Johnny whispers out in his last few words that violences stopes nothing and in the end it is pointless, saying to pony boy, “stay gold”, as his last words and dies. After Johnny dies Dally is filled with rage and runs out the door. As Ponyboy returns home to tell the gang about Johnny’s death he gets call which is Dally saying he had robbed a grocery store deliberately doing so to get the cops on him, and is shot in grief because of Johnny.

Johnny Cade

Jonny Cade is the runt of the pack being the shortest greaser at the age of sixteen, and is also better known as “the gangs pet”, but that doesn’t mean Johnny can’t be as cool or ferocious as the other greasers. Jonny comes from an abusive family where he is physically and verbally abused by both his father and mother, and when they’re not abusing him they just ignore him letting him go where he wants not caring. Along with this, last spring Johnny was beaten by the Socs and has been traumatized to a point where he cares a switchblade for precaution. Even with all this, Jonny makes due but not without the help of the greasers. Although, Johnny doesn’t have a very good environment to live in he still tries to be the best he can be. Furthermore, Johnny even idolizes his mean and older greaser Dallas Winston or (Dally),Johnny believes that if Dally could make it through life without having a mom or dad, that he can do it to with the exception of knowing that his parents are still alive an breathing but just rather abusive. But then again he also stands up to dally when he sees him making cherry and Marcia uncomfortable at the movies. Consequently, when he and the greasers invite to walk them home, they have a run in with Bob and Randy two Socs. Plus after they give the girls to the Socs they encounter each other again, which ends up in the deadly fatality of Johnny killing Bob.

Ponyboy Curtis

Ponyboy is fourteen, and is the youngest brother of Sodapop and Darry, in this story both of Ponyboys parents have already died in a car accident which leaves his brother Darry with the task of raising him at only age 20.Leading further, with only a brother to play the role of two, this leads to problems which involve constant fights between Darry and Ponyboy. Nevertheless, Ponyboy makes exceptionally good grades and is both academically and athletically smart. Ponyboy along with his smarts is a very good looking as he has light brown hair and greenish-gray eyes but says that he would much prefer Darrys’ cold blue eyes ,"He's hard as a rock and about as human. He's got eyes exactly like frozen ice." Ponyboy also has a hard time understanding why Sodapop dropped out of high school along with his other brother Darry, "He's a dropout," I said roughly. "Dropout" made me think of some poor dumb-looking hoodlum wandering the streets breaking out lights – it didn't fit my happy-go-lucky brother at all.” Ponyboys personality is Kind-hearted and quite which makes him seem a little odd compared to the other greasers along with his hobby interest’s including books and movies. Ponyboy has a lot of heart and is one of the most heartfelt greaser out of the gang an even went along with Johnny to hideout in a church when Johnny killed Bob Sheldon at the climax of the book. In the end Ponyboy is just another boy trying to find his way in this story.

Sodapop Curtis

Sodapop Curtis is the seventeen-year-old brother of Ponyboy Curtis. Although, Sodapop is handsome with his brown eyes and golden-wheat hair, he is a high school dropout alongside with his brother Darry. The reason Soda choose to drop out was because he was not exactly a good scholar, but that does not mean he is not hardworking and has street smarts. Regardless, Soda pop later tells Ponyboy that he should pursue to graduate high school, and that he is content working at a gas station. In addition, Sodapop is the middle child between Ponyboy and Darry and along with this, he is granted the part to play the barrier between their little arguments that happen excessively often. Even though soda pop seems like the chill person of the group, he has a hard time telling his brothers that he cannot be the middle man of their fights anymore. “@’golly, you two, it's bad enough having to listen to it, but when you start trying to get me to take sides. . . .' Tears welled up in his eyes, 'we’re all we've got left.'"Furthermore, Soda has been having hard times with his girlfriend Sandy. In the beginning of the book soda pop tells pony boy that he plans to marry sandy but later finds out that she is pregnant and not with soda but with a different man. In result, sandy leaves town even though soda offered to help raise the child. Nevertheless, in the end of the book the Sodapops relationship between Darry and Ponyboy strengthen as their arguments lessen.

Dallas Winston

Dallas Winston or better known as (Dally) is one of the toughest greasers that you can come around in the hood. Dally Winston at age 17 has already been in jail and had joined a gang in New York previously before moving back to Oklahoma, although he is quite dangerous due to his violent tendencies, Dally can come in handy at any moment you may need to get out of town as he provided Ponyboy and Johnny with $50 and a loaded gun along with a jacket, and most importantly directions towards their hideout. Ponyboy often drew Dally as described " I used to like to draw his picture when he was in a dangerous mood, for then I could get his personality down in a few lines. He had an elfish face, with high cheekbones and a pointed chin, small, sharp animal teeth, and ears like a lynx. His hair was almost white it was so blond, and he didn't like haircuts, or hair oil either, so it fell over his forehead in wisps and kicked out in the back in tufts and curled behind his ears and along the nape of his neck. His eyes were blue, blazing ice, cold with a hatred of the whole world. Dally had spent three years on the wild side of New York and had been arrested at the age of ten. He was tougher than the rest of us--- tougher, colder, meaner.” which was a tactic to calm dally down when he turned violent at times.

Darrel Curtis

Darrel Curtis or better known as (Darry) is one of the oldest greasers in the group at age 20 and is also the greaser to be both mom and dad towards Sodapop and Ponyboy since both parents had died previously before Ponyboy stated to tell his story. Darry is a high school dropout but that does not mean he does not have high expectations of Ponyboy. Darry is also very manly with a very stern physical look. “Darry is 6 feet 2 inches, and broad shouldered and muscular. He has dark brown hair that kicks out in front and a slight cowlick in the back - just like his dad - but Darry's eyes are his own. He's got eyes that are like two pieces of pale blue ice. They've got a determined set to them, like the rest of him. He looks older than twenty; tough, cool, and smart.”Ponyboy has a very complex relationship with Darry as his brother /guardian sense they fight and have arguments way too often but later realizes that fighting is wrong with the realization on Johnny’s death, and only does Pony boy grasps the idea that darry actually cares about him in the later ending of the book.

Randy Adderson

Randy is known as Marcia’s boyfriend and as bobs right hand man as well, but when it came too bob being stabbed randy ran off with the socs leaving bob to die not evening trying to help or defend his friend.

Sherri Valance

Sherri or better known as(cherry) for her red hair Is a girl Soc that come from a wealthy family and is also the girlfriend of Bob Sheldon .Cherry meets Ponyboy at the movie theater and also runs into Dally Winston the toughest greaser there is an develops a crush on him but knows that it can never be .