The Riebli Record

October 2, 2020

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This week has been a lot of reflection for me. I do my best thinking while doing the dishes. NO ONE IS AROUND (because they don’t want to help, hehe) and I get to be with my thoughts. Most of the time, I am working on my mental “To do” list. You know, laundry, grocery lists, things for work, etc. The past few days, I have been thinking about my Riebli community and Santa Rosa. The word that keeps coming to my mind about this is PRIDE. I feel so much PRIDE about our school, community, staff and students.

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Preserve. Hands down, this community has preserved through so much. We have cared for and continued to make “Lemonade out of Lemons!” We could NOT have done this without you. And we will not be able to do it again without you. We need you. We honor you. We appreciate you. We see you. We feel for you. Simply put, our #Rieblirocks parents and families are the best.

Resilience. These kids. Can we talk about these kids?! Their resilience fills me with pride. They miss their friends, hands on learning, recess, waving to Brian, hugs from their teachers, seeing entire faces, the list goes on. And through it all, a drastic change in their education that no other children have ever faced, they rise. Logging into Zoom, watching videos, sending messages, attending office hours, submitting assignments, creating work spaces, managing schedules, screentime. Our #Rieblirocks students are resilient. I am so proud of them.

Imaginative. Our community has shown so much imagination. The projects your students are submitting. the ideas PTA has come up with to continue to bring us together. The teachers create imaginative assignments for students. The student council coming up with the spirit days for this week. Keep it up!

Determination. Our staff has Determination. It doesn’t seem to matter what the world throws at them, they are determined to do the best they can. From Thunder and lightning, power outages, two fires, smoke days, zoom not working, seesaw going down, and more. They keep smiling and figuring it out! WE LOVE YOU #TEAMRIEBLI 💙💙💙

Energize. I think by now, we all realize this is a marathon, not a sprint. Energizing ourselves in order to energize our children is really critical to their success. Monitor your own personal self care. Allow your kids to make the most of off hours and weekends so you can return to learning the next day energized and ready to go. Make sure everyone is getting enough sleep and eating well.

Thank you for filling me with even more love and pride for this community than I ever thought possible.

XO, Emily

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Please purchase a raffle ticket

CREW has been on the Riebli campus for 2 years. It pairs caring, vetted adults with students who need a little extra TLC.

Also, we are on campus, they provide a weekly lunch bunch where the students meet with adults from the community and discuss the meaning of CREW (Courage, Resiliant, Empowerment and Well Being). We want to bring this program to all Mark West Schools and ensure it continues when we return. Purchasing a ticket is the best way to make sure this program stays afloat.

Email to purchase a ticket

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Lego Building Contest

Join us for a virtual LEGO building contest! We will post all creations to social media. There are only four rules:

1- No prepackaged kits! Use your creativity to build your own design.
2- Follow the maximum number of pieces listed below.
3- Submit a photo of your creation to
4- Have fun!!

TK - K (100 pieces)
1 - 3 (150 pieces)
4 - 6 (200 pieces)

Winners based on creativity and originality will be selected in each of the above grade-level categories.

Pictures due by October 10!

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Proud to be a Riebli Panther!!!

We want to hear from you! Become part of the 2020/21 spirit video at Riebli!

Tell or show us why you are “Proud to be a Riebli Panther!” And be featured on our social media pages and our YouTube channel.

Film yourselves, write something or draw a picture! Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

Send your Riebli love to
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What's coming to Fall 2020 Scholastic Book Fairs
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