Benefits of Laptops in Classrooms

Thesis statement

It all depends on how you use the laptops in the classrooms. Responsibility, grammatical errors, and students even have access to their assignments anywhere they want with certain websites.


Websites such as “Moodle” has been a helpful website for schools that give laptops to their students. This website allows students to access their assignments over the internet anywhere they have a connection.


Laptops can help students become a lot more responsible in their lives. Some of the students have learned by themselves with the laptops and taught them responsibilities for information they need to know

Grammatical Errors

Grammatical errors have gone down since the students have access to autocorrect. The students don’t misspell or use the wrong words in what they’re typing documents. Its helps the students learn about what they did wrong


Most students have only benefited from using laptops. Laptops allow students to do much faster work and have shown ways to improve their responsibility and errors in their work.


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