Mrs. Schettone's News!

Week of February 8th-12th

Happy 100th Day!

On Monday, we celebrated the 100th Day of School! Students dressed as if they were 100 years old and brought in 100 of one item to add to our "100th Day Trail Mix." We read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and made our own caterpillar made out of 100 paper chain links and we now proudly display him around our whiteboard! Students also illustrated a portrait of what they would look like if they were 100 years old and wrote about what they would do when they were 100 years old! We read several books including "100th Day Worries, Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of School, and Fluffy's 100th Day." We made a list of 100 things we have learned so far in Kindergarten! Students made a 100th day hat to wear! Students also worked on a 100th day gumball machine where they had to color 10 groups of 10 gumballs (each group a different color) and a 100th day 100 chart where they had to fill in missing numbers! If students finished all of their work for the day, students worked on stringing 100 fruit loops onto a string to make a 100th day necklace!

Step Up Day!

On Tuesday, February 9th, CBA celebrated Step Up Day where each grade moved up to the grade they will be in next year! This activity was created to get kids excited about what they will be learning next year! Students had a great time and came back and wrote about their favorite thing they did in first grade!

First Grade Step Up Day Smore

Kindergarten Step Up Animoto

Read for Ronald Assembly!

On Tuesday, February 9th, Ronald McDonald came to visit our school to promote our Reading Month Program, Read for Ronald! A representative from the Ronald McDonald House came to explain to the students about why they are participating in the reading program and who they are helping by reading! She also reviewed the different prizes that can be won when students raise different increments of donations! After reviewing all aspects of the reading program, Ronald performed many stunts and tricks for the children! He put on a great show!

Corey the Dribbler Assembly!

On Wednesday, February 10th, Corey the Dribbler, a retired Harlem Globetrotter came to speak with students and perform several tricks for them! Corey explained what he had to do to become a Harlem Globetrotter! He stated he went to the gym every morning at 6am for 6 hours and then once he got called in for an interview, he read a 500 page book about the Harlem Globetrotters, so that he knew all facts about the Harlem Globetrotters! He talked to the students about studying hard and working together. He worked with the students on two team building activities and got the students super excited!

Valentine's Day!

On Thursday, February 11th, our class celebrated Valentine's Day! We made Love Monster Bags and had our classroom Valentine Exchange! We also worked on sorting and graphing Valentine Conversation Hearts! In the morning, students identified and illustrated four things that they love and they worked on reading, coloring, and cutting a mini book called "Made With Love." We read our "Scholastic News: Let's Find Out About Valentine's Day" and explored the online portal. While we were making our bags, we also watched "Happy Valentine's Day Charlie Brown!"
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Phonics: /sh/ blend
Sight Words: and and in
Concept Book: Long Ago and Today
Big Book: George Washington Visits
Math: Subtraction
Social Studies: George Washington and Abe Lincoln

Reading Month Special Event: Book Buddies with 4th Grade on Wednesday!

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  • NO SCHOOL MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15th! Happy President's Day!
  • Reading Logs are due Thursday Mornings! PLEASE keep these in your child's green folder on the RETURN TO SCHOOL side everyday!
  • Friday, February 19th is the Gal/Pal Dance (Daddy/Daughter Dance)! The Dance will run from 7-9pm!
  • March 2nd is our Read Across America/Ice Cream Sundae Celebration!
  • March 5th is PAC Applebee's Pancake Breakfast!
  • March 6th is CBA Globetrotter's Game at the Wells Fargo Center!
  • March 8th is our Kindergarten Field Trip to Keswick Theatre to see "Miss Nelson is Missing!"