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October 8, 2021

Report Cards

Report cards are being emailed to the email address listed in Power School for your student. Classroom teachers are in the process of scheduling parent-teacher conferences and meeting/calling with parents. If you have not received a conference time or have any questions about your student's report card, please contact your student's teacher.
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Counselor's Corner with Mrs. Tucker

In honor of fall spirit week, I want to mix things up and offer some fun fall ideas. I know as a parent it can be hard sometimes to think of new fun experiences with your family. See the list below and hopefully it will inspire you as well. Please remember with # 30 that it is meant to be fun scary, not actually scary. Even if kids seem tough or seem to enjoy the scary stuff, they probably just enjoy the time with you or want to seem ok. The bad dreams or acting out that follows sure isn't worth it - their young brains often don't know how to process that really scary stuff. Enjoy!

Also - look for the note in your child's bag about our personal safety program today. Thank you.

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Nurse's Notes

The Mobile Dentist will be here this Monday to attempt to finish kids we didn't get to in September. You will receive papers from the dentist if they were able to see your child. Only children whose parents completed the registration paperwork will be seen by the mobile dentist.


Second Step Program

We completed Lesson 8 in our Second Step program this week. Our kindergarten students learned about anger and how to identify when they or others are angry. We learned that anger is a natural feeling, but that it is not ok to hurt themselves, others, or things when angry. Our first graders talked about how feelings can be the same and different. Two people in the same situation may feel differently about it. It is ok for people to have different feelings. There are no home links for lesson 8.

School Calendar - Upcoming Events

October 18-22: Fall Break

November 24-26: Thanksgiving Break

Friday, December 17 - End of second 9 weeks/first semester

December 20-January 3 - Winter Break (Students return Tuesday, Jan. 4th)


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