Ms. Dusharm Block 2

Weather Fronts Song

Warm Front

The Definition of a Warm Front is: Since the Warm Air Mass has the least density then the Cold Air Mass the Warm Air Mass takes over and produces Rain or Fogginess for Several days. Warm Fronts Produce Cirrus Clouds and much more.

Cold Front

The Definition of a Cold Front is: Since the Warm Air has less density then the Cold Front as I said in the definition for Warm Fronts. This time since the Warm Front is going slow and the Cold Front is going faster the Cold front takes over and produces Heavy Rain, Heavy Snow fall. Its always accompanied by clouds. Cold fronts produce Cumulus Clouds.

Stationary Front

The Definition of Stationary front is: When the cold and warm front meet but both don't have enough power to take one another. A stationary front causes rain, snow, fog for many days

Occluded front

The definition of Occluded Front is: At an occluded front a warm air mass is caught between two cooler air masses. Then the denser air mass move underneath the less denser air. The weather may be turn cloudy and rainy or snowy