Speak with Confidence

Spoken English Classes with a Difference

Learn to Speak English the Natural Way!

Have you seen a child learning verbal communication - that is the natural way to learn to speak. The child only listens and then imitates - people laugh, make fun but encourage - the child is intent on speaking - not bothered by others laughing at it or making fun of it. It just listens, imitates and improves - would you like to do it this way ? the natural way? Welcome then

Demo class on Sundays - time 3 p.m. to 5 p/m.

You may visit our class on any Sunday between 3 and 5 p.m. for a demo class. We believe in the dictum ' SEEING is BELIEVING'. Feel free to walk-in and get your doubts cleared and then decide - We are confident that you will be with us.

Guarenteed to make you come out of your shell and make you Speak with confidence

Affordable fees - Take home audio lessons - Monologue, Dialogue and Conversation practice - structured lessons - situation based -

We help you communicate - We are confidence Builders

The more freely you communicate, the more confident you are. Our main job is to help you overcome your shyness and encourage you to speak.