Rene Sliva

By: Julie Macias


"The important thing about being young and doing what I do in the favelas (slums) is to create new points of reference. In the past, it was drug trafficking. Today, there is more recognition of the people who are trying to do good and change the reality of the place where they live."

Rene's hard work

At the age of 11, Rene was inspired by a school project and decided to make his own 100 page newspaper for his community in Complexo do Alemão. Eventually he managed to get paid advertisement. Over the years he was printing several thousand copies a month. With the help from sponsors, he only used the money to improve his newspaper, including a high tech computer and camera; with it, Rene created a website known as Voz das Comunidades. He now covers the cities of Complexo do Alemão, Rocinha, Santa Marta, Vigário Geral, Vila Cruzeiro, and Maré.



Now Rene Silva is 19 years old and works with other young journalists to spread the news internationally. He has spoken in many conferences regarding his work. Rene plans to start the print edition again in April with 5,000 copies and eventually expand to 10,000. He was given a scholarship to a university and wants to study journalism.
Alma de Voluntários #2 - Rene Silva - Rio 2016