Cape Cod Style Home

Hannah Simon Tiny house project 4th hour

History Of the Cape Cod home style

The term Cape Cod House was used as early as 1800, in a comment by Yale College president Timothy Dwight on a visit to Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Even by then, the type had spread; by 1740, such houses had been built throughout most of New England, and also on New York’s Long Island. By 1790 it had made its way into southern New York State.
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Type of people that would live in a cape cod style home!

A family in the 50's is what I can see living in these types of home, A one car garage for the husbands car and a stay at home mom who is always cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry. The mom is often found going grocery shopping or cooking in her apron in her kitchen out looking her 2 kids in the back yard where there is a swing set. The man was a salesman who worked 9 to 5 in a small town in Massachusetts. The kids attend a small public school down the road. This house homes a small average family that has lived there since they're first child was born and if you went inside it was clean and put together the family seemed to be the perfect family on the block. The mom might host a weekly book club in their living room while her husband hosts the other men in the den watching football or talking about wall street.

Signature materials and things found or used in the building of Cape Cod style home

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Description of some of the main things used in Cape Cod Homes

Stucco- Fine plaster used for coating wall surfaces or molding into architectural decorations.

Shingle Siding- shingle is a building material used assiding or roofing.