Fellowship of Christian Athletes

What is FCA

FCA is an international club that has been brought DMS where we have meetings after to school to talk about connecting with Christ. We learn ways to be a follower of Christ throughout our athletic career and school career.

Meetings at DMS

There is no need to contact anyone or sign up, just join us on Thursdays!

When: Thursdays after school (2:20-3:30pm)

Where: Birdcage

Leaders: Mr. Nash. Mrs. New, Mr. Shay, Kerian Knaak, Angel Graflage, Aryonna Straws


It's okay if you don't go to church or if you're not the best athlete. As long as want to learn about christ or meet kids who want to learn about christ this is the club for you.

First Meeting

Thursday, Sep. 24th, 2:30-3:30pm

800 Midjay Drive

Liberty, MO