Colostomy Supplies

Choose the Right Colostomy Supplies

How to Choose the Right Colostomy Supplies

Every year, thousands of people get stoma surgery and use ostomy products to get rid of digestive illness like colon cancer, Crohn’s ulcerative colitis. Regardless of the type of colostomy, you have a wide range of options when it comes to selecting ​colostomy supplies. The modern medical inventions have make ostomy care as easy as possible.

For adults and young people who have an active lifestyle, closed and mini pouches are recommended. Closed bags are perfect for water protection plus the chances of accidents are reduced. Mini-pouches are the specially designed bags that you can combine with a swim suit. Active individuals such as athletes, swimmers, runners, etc., the bags having strong adhesive properties are recommended. You need to take good care while selecting adhesives as per your stoma size and shape.

People who are obese have the chances of addition of sweat and moisture in epidermal layers due to skin fold, which can cause irritation, rashes, etc. To avoid these, some extra padding around the stoma is suggested. A good option is placing ostomy powders before attaching bags on the skin. The powders are helpful in drying up moisture, making the adhesive easy to stick with the skin. Those who have complex stomach structures, moldable seals is the right option. As the name suggests that you can mold these seals in different shapes and sizes, and even cut them before applying to the skin.

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