Tiber Island: Temple of Asclepius

By: Marcella Wainwright and Nero Usonis

Where is Tiber Island located?

Tiber Island is located in Tiber River, Rome.

What Structures were located on this island?

The Pons Fabricius, and the Pons Cestius are located on this island. They are bridges that connect the main land to the island on each side.

When was the temple of Asclepis built?

It was built in 291 B.C.

For what reason would Romans go to the Asclepius temple?

The temple was used for health practices. People would go there for healing. They believed that the temple had a god like healing power.

Describe the activities which took place there.

It was visited from all over Greece by those seeking alleviation of their ailments by either divine intervention or medicines administered by the resident priests

For how long was the Temple in existence?

291-last decade

Describe Tiber Island today.

It is connected to the main land by two bridges that have existed since the antiquity: the Ponte Fabricio, which travels from the northeast part of the island towards the Theater of Marcellus on the left bank, and the Ponte Cestio, which connects the island to Trastevere, a neighborhood on the right bank.

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