Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

Ashlyn Vozeh , Block 1


Ben Ripley- He is a new recruit at Spy School .He is the main character of the story so you could say he is the protagonist .Plus he falls head over heels for another spy at the school named Erica. Erica/protagonist- is the best spy at the academey and meets Ben by fighting off the enemy agency S.P.Y.D.E.R. that is trying to kill him. Agent Hale protagonist- He happens to be Erica's Dad , but he takes all the credit for any mission anyone does in the CIA . He is the worst spy ever!


I believe that the theme is don't look down on yourself . When Ben thought that he was terrible or a total screw up ,he started to lose information or get kiddnapped by S.P.Y.D.E.R. Though , when he thought positive about himself he would beat double agents at their own game ! This book taught me that I should never be negative to myself or others .


The whole story took place in the Spy School with all the high tech and what not ! It looks rustic on the outside of the building but inside it is all modern with gear and necessitys . The whole book was based off the present day ! The school makes Ben aware of his surroundings and more skilled! This story is not called Spy School for nothing !


Man vs man-In this story it is Ben vs. a S.P.Y.D.E.R. agent named Murray . When Ben discovers that Murray is a double agent , Ben has to knock him out to take him to prison and disable a missile in 30 seconds! Wow! Though , of course, Agent Hale stole the thunder in that mission!

Why is this book so incredible?

Book Recommendation

This book is action packed with excitement and thrills that will leave you on the edge! It involves deciving , kiddnapping , and above all ,lies that throw people off task! I would recommend this book for boys that need some suspense in between each chapter . This book has it all ! I am itching at the bits to read Stuart Gibb's next book ...Space Case!