Panther Press Sunday Edition

Dr. Zito / Mr. Waldron

Thank You for your Generosity

Potter School has generously given 109 families Christmas. I was incredibly proud to see all of the gifts for our kids. I know that all of the schools do things differently, but here at Potter we make sure that we look out for our own. I understand that we may find that some families may have taken advantage, but I sleep better knowing that we did our best to help all families.
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Kindergarten Holiday Show

The Kindergarten will be presenting their Holiday Show this week. Rehearsal on Monday, Real deal on Tuesday. Did you know that if you look at the details on the calendar you can see important information such as which grade levels attend which showing? Just another great thing we are doing here at Potter School. If you are coming to the show on Monday, please make sure that you explain to the students that this is a practice and that they are to be on their best behavior. I will do the same when they get to the auditorium. I can't wait to see this adorable show.
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Lion King Movie

We would love to show the kids the Lion King Movie on Wednesday morning. If you would like to bring your class, please let Marylou know. If possible please make this as educational as possible. As you know, the Lion King talks about:

  • Circle of Life
  • Predator Prey
  • The importance of protecting nature

In addition to those themes the students could:

  • Discuss the differences between the colors used when the Pridelands are lush vs when Scar takes over the Pridelands. How do we notice them use color in the movie.
  • The students could do a character analysis.
  • They could discover the climax of the story.

And many more. Please make this an educational experience.

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Progress Reports

I am starting to check these over with Kevin and I would like to ask you to be careful of the following.

Please be sure to start with something kind. (This is someones baby)

If you are letting a parent know that their child is deficient in an area please give them a remedy for the problem such as studying vocabulary words each night, or practicing multiplication facts with flashcards would help. Please watch your spelling and grammar. If we are asking students to spell correctly we should not have spelling errors on our reports to them.

Sunshine Holiday Lunch on Wednesday!! BAM!!

Have a super week!!