Be Safe

be safe on the internet

Be safe

Always be safe on the internet as you never know who is looking at your page trying to find out more information about you. Just like Facebook don't add people you do not know.By not uploading pictures or videos of your self on the internet

what web sites to be careful on

Facebook,Twitter,Xbox live,Snap Chat,Instagram and loads more I'm not saying don't have these apps but I am saying be very careful on who you add on there.And all these websites have 1 thing in common as they all can get you into deep trouble by somebody watching your every move by seeing what you put up on theses sights

What not to put on you profile

What you don't want to put on your profile is things like videos of your self and don't add people you don't know as you never know how old they are or what they are like and if they are a nice person. Some times somebody profile will say they they are 13 a girl and loves to go swimming BUT they might actually be 36 a man and loves to melt things.