Snow Closure


School will be CLOSED Today!

I apologize for the change in plans. Please know that these decisions are not made lightly. I disagree with the decision that the Tacoma School District made to run 2 hours late. I have spoken with several people in our school community who are out driving early this morning and the freeway is bad and the side/back roads are much worse. Travel conditions are unsafe for staff and families. Our staff travel from as far away as West Seattle and Des Moines. Safety must remain our top concern. A few staff members have already indicated that they cannot make it to school. I do not feel it is safe for students or staff to be out on the roads as it continues to snow and remain cold enough to be icy on the roads. Please know that we will be re-evaluating our Snow Protocol to see whether it makes sense to continue following TPS since we are a regional school with families traveling from 30 different zip codes and as far away as Bonney Lake, Buckley, and Lacey. If you have input regarding our Snow Protocol, please email me. Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe today.

Katie Dempsey


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