The Yellow Submarine

The Royal Society of 1672 explores Cape Coral

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The Story

In 1672, my partner and I, Lauren Taylor, went on an exploration to Cape Coral to study the ocean life there. We were 25 years old. We traveled from Liverpool to Cape Coral, where we also designed the submarine that we were travelling in. It was pretty crammed inside because of the 7 other members, but we could deal with it. We shared our little cabin with Isaac Newton, he was a very smart man. We were lucky to be part of the Royal Society of 1672. The only bad thing was that when the ocean got deeper there were monsters, big ones and small ones I heard that they are SUPER scary! My mother told me about the kracken (a giant octopus) and evil mermaids and many more... But I'm happy that I'm traveling safely in the Yellow Submarine.... Hopefully.
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What is the Yellow Submarine Like?

I have designed the submarine to have 3 main floors, one for a living area ( where the beds and kitchen are.) And the other floor where the science labs are. The main levels will be about 8.5 feet tall and 35 by 25 feet long. There will also be a small driving station that will be 6 by 5 and 6.5 feet tall. The volume of the ship is 15150 cubic feet.

The rooms of the submarine

There are 3 rooms on the submarine. The room closest to the bottom is the "science labs." In the science labs there are tables with instruments like microscopes, telescopes etc. That area of the submarine also held somewhat of a diving suit, It had a big helmet with a small glass "window" to see through, with an air pump that we hap to carry so we can dive down into the ocean to explore. The second level is the living area. There will be five bunk beds (each holds 2 people.) Each person would get 1 drawer to hold personal items (they were only allowed to bring one suitcase of personal items aboard like clothes accessories etc.) Also at the far end of the room is a small kitchen, it has an "ice box" that keeps food cold, a stove (which is powered by coal, just like the engine,) and non-perishable foods for the passengers to eat, and fresh water (each person gets 1 gallon of water a day.) There will also be a small table for the people to eat at with a trained cook to cook the food. The last main room is the driving station, where the caption will drive. There will be a small door that leads to the top of the submarine above water (where the divers will go off into the ocean.) The way to get up and down the levels will be ladders.

The travel and motor

To move around we will be using a water turbine. Since we did not have any tools to tell the amount of time on the journey, we do not know how long the journey will take. We will be making a one day stop in Ireland to explore their coast. After Ireland we will be heading right to Cape Coral.
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The Yellow Submarine Voyage

Thursday, Sep. 8th 1672 at 7am

Liverpool, United Kingdom to Cape Coral, Florida