Handwritten Direct Mail

Importance of Handwritten Direct Mail

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Importance of Handwritten Direct Mail

There’s no doubt that marketing is extremely essential to your business growth. Generally a marketing campaign aims to target a large group of people with one message meant for all and sundry. But the reality is that most of the time such type of marketing does not have the necessary impact to convert the targeted people into real, paying clients. What might appeal to some, might not appeal to all, simply because each person is a different personality with diverse views and expectations. And, this personality or behaviour is the result of each person’s position in the society.

The claims of digital marketing companies and marketing experts stating they can reach a certain number of people through a certain marketing campaign begs to ask the moot question: How many of those from the targeted group are converted to potential clients? After all that’s the goal of advertising, isn’t it?

A successful Yellow Letter Marketing campaign is one which changes the individual’s perspective to one that is more conducive towards your business. It is tailored to suit the sensibilities of the target group.

Instead of getting across a generic message through newspaper or magazine adverts, wouldn’t it be a better idea to target a group of people with direct and personalized messages in line with their social, cultural or educational background? This would surely create a better impact and help in converting the recipients into actual clients.

Handwritten direct mail is one of the best marketing strategies to promote your business. Imagine receiving a handwritten note addressed to you personally in the mail. It grabs your attention and increases the curiosity about the product or service being advertised. And of course, it is surely much more appealing than receiving impersonal mailers or flyers in your post box.

Sending Handwritten Direct Mail ensures that your target audience is compelled to consider your message and make a positive decision. However a few points must be kept in mind to follow this marketing strategy.

Firstly, you need complete research on your individual clients’ buying preferences, social background age group, ethnicity and other aspects that are likely to affect their decisions. When you offer your product or service along with a handwritten note, it is sure to create a positive impact on your recipient and will elicit a positive response. In fact, studies have shown that a marketing campaign that involves handwritten direct mail with personalized item selection ensures anywhere between 30% to 50% positive response.

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Solomon Davies

Solomon Davies is a seasoned Real Estate sales man who has mastered the art of using hand written direct marketing to significantly increase lead generation. Writtenmail.com is the most affordable hand written mail direct marketing company there is.