Natalia Vervack

Ceramics 1


I made this project because the teacher made me, it was a class project. it was difficult to make the body and its tail. The tail kept falling off and it was either too big or too short. if i could change the project i would probavbly I would either make a differnt bird one that is easier to make. Or I would change the whistle and make it the ducks mouth instead of it being the tail.


I made this peice for mothers day. I wanted to give it for my mother for her birthday? mothers day. I didnt really have any problems makeing the peice. Except I did have to have help making the swirly part ontop of the stand. If i could change something about the project I would probaly make it a different color instead of just the boring old cream color
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Ellen Schon



Smoke-fired clay

13” x 20” x 20”

There isnt much in this art piece. What i see is a bolw shaped peice with some pointed edges at the top of the piece. Its smooth. There are many colors of brown, theres light, dark, and medium brown. And it looks like there might be some black in ther and mabe even some tan. There is value and form in this object.

Color is the main element that dominates this art piece. That is the main thing that i see whne i first look at this art. There isnt much texture, it just looks smooth with and slick. This art has balance and unity, everything in this piece belongs toether and has a sense of wholeness. There dose seem to be some movement. The way that its painted makes it look like the colors are moving.

Based on what ive said about the art piece it makes me think that the artist was calm and relaxed. Something good must have happened. The artist might have made it for someone else as a gift for his or her significant other. I think it was made to hold something like mabe fruit or some sort of object.

Lacoon and his Sons


White marble

1.84m in hight

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