Sunday Announcements

April 19, 2015


  • Mixer with Sig Chi - Thursday
  • Mixer with TBD - Friday
  • Appointed Officer Applications Due - April 22
  • Mili's Dance-a-thon - April 25 7-10pm @ Pixel
  • PC '15 RT meeting - April 26 after chapter
  • Formal - April 26 9:30-11pm @ Lakewatch
  • Girl Scout Event - May 2 12-3pm
  • Senior Wills! - May 5th @ Llenroc
  • Seniors: sign up for: KD Field Days (May 2) and Wine Tour (May 20)


Panhel and external philanthropy events this week

  • Monday 4/20: SDT Eat All Day, Ho Plaza & Ctown
  • Wednesday 4/22: Panhellenic GBody w/Student Trustee Candidates, 8PM @ WSH Art Room
  • Thursday 4/23: Student Trustee Debate, 7PM @ WSH Memorial Room
  • Friday 4/24: Lollipops for Literacy (Pi Phi), 11AM-4PM @ Ho Plaza
  • Friday 4/24: FIJI Luigi, 5PM-9PM @ FIJI
  • Saturday 4/25: Making Moves for Mili, 7PM @ Pixel
  • Sunday 4/46: Chill by the Grill with AXiD, 12PM @ AXiD

President - Tarina DeRito

VP Membership - Carson Denbow

Hi ladies!

PC15 -- REMINDER: Our first Recruitment Training meeting will be next Sunday after chapter. This meeting will be conducted in the dining room. This is a MANDATORY meeting. If you cannot be in attendance, you must email ME ( by THURSDAY AT 11:59PM with a valid excuse! Attendance and participation in these meetings will determine placement during FMR. Get excited!

A note for everyone -

A PNM is defined as any woman who is eligible to go through the Formal Recruitment Process, may she be a prefrosh, freshman, sophomore, junior, etc.

That being said --

Do not bring PNMs into the house.

Do not promise PNMs things that you cannot deliver on (i.e. OMG you'd be a great Kappa Delta) no. that's not something you can guarantee.

Do not drink with PNMs.

If these rules are broken, bad things happen. For example, huge fines and social probation.

If you have ANY questions at all PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me. Like I said in chapter, I always have my phone and can answer any question regardless of the time. My number is 570-490-0135. Put it in your phones!

Much love in AOT and Recruitment,


VP OPERATIONS - Jen Mandelblatt

Hi supah cool party people,

Appointed Officer applications (letters and google form) are due THIS WEDNESDAY (APRIL 22) AT 11:59 P.M.!! Please send them to me at Remember stay positive and friendly- don't worry about what others are applying for, focus on what you are interested in and what you can bring to the table. Do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions, comments and concerns!

Much love in LEADERSHIP, sisterhood, social success, philanthropy and academic excellence,



Makin' Moves for Mili [CLARIFIED FAQS]:

Sorry for all the confusion. Hopefully this makes it more clear:

  • Buying a ticket is mandatory. But luckily it's going to be so much fun and it'll be a great way to remember our sister.
  • FOR SISTERS: your teal bracelet = your ticket
  • FOR RANDOS: the hot pink wristbands = their ticket. This replaces the name system at the door!
  • If you think you're going to sell tickets to friends, you can come and get wristbands from me. I will make a note of how many wristbands you took and you can tell me how many you sold. ALL MONEY FROM TICKET SALES GOES TO ME (because the goal is to raise the most amount of money for the JTB Foundation). If you're not going to the event, you can sell your bracelet to a friend and keep the $5.
  • You can Venmo me (@missyhuimin) or pay me in cash
  • Tickets are $5 pre-sale and $7 at the door

Please let me know if you have any questions! Get ready to dance the night away like this

VP PR - Maple Chen

If you already have a Livestrong-style wristband, then wear it around campus this week!! Keep inviting your friends - the more the merrier has never been more true.

If you signed up to poster/quartercard but didn't pick them up yet, I'll be on campus with them tomorrow!

peace, love, zayn,


VP Standards - Madeline Miceli

Hello Ladies,

I need THREE more sobers for FORMAL THIS SUNDAY 4/26. Please message ASAP if you are interested. If I do not receive three more volunteers, I am going to utilize the sober pool around 3 pm on 4/20 and if you are chosen, you should receive notice by tomorrow (4/20). Thank you to our five lovely volunteers so far. Please look out for more details regarding formal from Bridget and Ashlyn later in the week.

Please choose a buddy for formal. We are going to be using the buddy system, which means if you, your date, your buddy, or your buddy’s date must go home, you all must go home. Remember to pace yourselves at your pre games and EAT DINNER before!!

Remember two forms of identification (one government-issued) for admittance into formal. That’s all for now! :)


Madeline <3

Secretary - Kimmi Schonhorst

VP Finance - Maddie Gerrick

Hey everyone!

Please fill out this google form as soon as possible indicating your status for the upcoming fall semester. let me know if you have any questions!


Panhellenic Delegate - Josselyn Tsai

Kappa Alpha Theta’s Rock the Casa 2015

Beach Volleyball Tournament Sign up in teams of four:! The registration fee is $5 per person. The winning team will receive a **$200 mystery prize revealed after the tournament!

When: May 1 from 3-6pm

Where: Sigma Pi

Tickets: $10 early bird or $12 at the door. Buy here:

Facebook event:

Applications are open to be a Consent Ed Ambassador

Panhellenic and Consent Ed partner in an ambassadorship program to get Greek women together to promote healthy change in our community. Through involvement in Consent Ed, you could be trained as a facilitator to teach skills and provide information to help others intervene in situations where sexual assault may come into question. If this interests you, applications are open until April 25th!

Panhellenic shirts—extended to April 28

Panhellenic shirt orders are extended until April 18th! Just use the form below to view/purchase:…/purchase/AQbSyGmKPh8lvkt


Girl Scout Chair


Our next event is coming up <3 Just 2 weeks away on May 2nd we will host the girl scouts and give them a tour/scavenger hunt around campus! I'll send out an announcement when I know more... but get excited.

It will be from 12-3 pm and any sister who has not helped out with a GS event this year (not including PC 15) MUST volunteer to help out with this event!

On that note; Wednesday is Leader's Day. Which means Girl Scouts celebrates all the leaders and volunteers who help out, so give yourself a pat on the back Wednesday and know that you are doing amazing things <3

Love you all,



Hey guys! Hope you all had a great weekend and are excited for another fun weekend! It would also be awesome if you guys could fill out this survey about the mixers we've been having lately and our social schedule in general, we really wanna hear your feedback so we can make the social schedule as stellar as possible!

Anyways here's the schedule!

THURSDAY- Sig Chi @ 10 pm Theme: NEON

The mixer will be held at their annex 118 Cook in Ctown. Since it's unregistered, no rides sorry :/

FRIDAY - Unfortunately Phi Sig can't have the mixer anymore so we're looking for another one for y'all!

****Thank you to our awesome sober monitor volunteers! If you change your mind about sobering, please find a replacement!

Don’t forget about sober driving also! Leave your name and phone number in the sober column!


See you ALL there!!!!

xoxo socialz

Events Chairs


Date ✧ April 26th

Time ✧ 7:30-11:00pm

Place ✧ Lakewatch Inn

Theme ✧ Awards Show

• You must sign up you and your date here or you WILL NOT be allowed into the venue

• The "Awards Show" theme is meant to include everyones favorite things such as sparkles, dressing up real fancy, power couples, and insignificant recognitions. We will hopefully have real awards to hand out and are crossing our fingers for some drunken acceptance speeches.

• More details to come about buses later this week

Health and Wellness Chairs

Hi Girls!

Thanks so much for staying for our Chapter Choice today! Be sure to look at those handouts we gave and just a reminder that your health and wellness chairs are always a resource too!

In lieu of FORMAL coming up, we just wanted to to have a "FAT FREE WEEK". Try avoid saying the words "fat," "skinny," "diet," etc. this week and if you catch your sisters saying anything, call them out on it! Stay positive this week :) Y'all are beautiful.

Keep it up with GYMMING IN LETTERS! I've been receiving so many awesome pictures and would love to see more! Formal is coming up and you guys might be going to the gym more, but just a reminder that the gym is a stress reliever! We go to the gym so we feel strong about our bodies and our minds! That being said, if you need a friend to gym with, we're here!

Taylor will be at Appel at 10PM every night this week.

Olivia will be going to the gym at 5:30PM on Monday.

Sarah is just down to go whenever (Orgo prelim is coming up :( ...).

Hit us up! Let's be friends. :)

In case you missed our wonderful talk today, we just want to remind everyone to be nutritious always, but especially this week and for formal! Like I mentioned in Chapter Choice, alcohol does have calories, but they're considered empty calories, meaning they don't provide any nutrition. So even if you think you're helping your body by consuming a "normal" number of calories, you're actually hurting your body more because your body won't have any nutrients to use. Eat well. Feel well. Have fun! :)

Again, we're always here if you have any questions or concerns about anything!


Sarah, Taylor, and Olivia

Other Announcements

What if you lived where doctors didn't want to come? On Monday, April 20th, the Global Health Student Council will be hosting a documentary screening entitled "A Doctor of My Own." The documentary chronicles the journeys of the first medical students in Namibia. Students in NS 2600 can receive extra credit for attending the screening! Please contact Olivia (oar5) with any questions :)

5K for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Club

On May 2nd at 11 AM, we will be holding a 5K run/walk at the Cornell Plantations in the Aboretum. The proceeds will be going to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an organization that was started by Alexandra Scott, a young girl diagnosed with neuroblastoma at age 4. The mission of the organization is to raise money for research into new treatments and cures for pediatric cancer, a severely underfunded field of research. Since Alex set up her first lemonade stand in 2000, the organization has managed to raise over $100 million dollars, which has been used to fund cutting-edge research projects and provide resources to families affected by childhood cancer. To find out more about Alex’s Lemonade Stand, visit Please come out and support an incredible cause!

You can register at the link below for $15, and prices will go up to $20 the day of.

Thank you!