National Chocolate Day

Eat More Chocolate

This sweet day is celebrated October 28th

My favorite day in the month of October is October 28th. This is my favorite day because it is National Chocolate Day, and I love chocolate! Chocolate comes from the Aztec word, xocolate, which means “bitter water.” National Chocolate Day was started by the Chocolate Manufacturers Association of the USA, which later merged and became the National Confectioners Association. They started this holiday on order to promote chocolate and get people to buy more chocolate.
I definitely think National Chocolate Day should be celebrated as a real U.S. holiday, because we need more fun holidays in our country that make people happy. Having this as a real holiday would also help chocolate makers to grow their business. I know some people will think this would be a bad holiday, because chocolate is sugary and not good for your teeth, but in my research, I learned that many people believe that dark chocolate is actually good for your heart, and can reduce the risk of strokes and other heart diseases. Overall I think having National Chocolate day as a national holiday would be a good idea.