The meso americans

the three meso americans

the Mayans

the Mayans made pyramids like the Egyptians and they weren't to much of just a triangle but they had steps to them and they were more of a smarter group of people and they were the ones who started the number 20 and 0 they also used a good technique for farming it was slash and burn they used it for fertile land.

the Incas

the Incas were the first with the potatoes and they have spread every were and they were known for and highways because they were in the mountains which made it so lamas were one of there sacred animals you will find gold statues of them were Incas live

the Aztecs

they had three social classes and they were ruled by an emperor and they were the first Americans that made books and they made chocolate and corn but there farms were on water and there buildings were temples and walls they were located north on the mexico desert and west of mexico


the Mayans used slash and burn for fertilized soil and the Aztecs used the farms on water and they floated so most of the water was under it and that's how they farmed the incas farmed potatoes and dug holes in the mountains to farm


the Mayans culture was 4 social classes and they had the first math system and a ball game like soccer just without feet the Incas they had a noble group and a commonaple

and were the first for surgery and transfusions the Aztecs had three classes ruled by an emperor they were the first to make books and paper that didnt break or get destroyed in on sentence of writing


the farmers in the incs were the first withe potatoes and surgery was made first there.

the Mayans had there own ball game used for execution and they made the first math system.Aztecs made books for reading and they had corn and chocolate from farming