Mary Wollstonecraft

Enlightenment Thinkers

Ideal Form Of Government

  • Mary Wollstonecraft's ideal form of government is Democracy. She believed women and men should have the same rights and equal opportunities in life.
  • She believed that people could be trusted to govern, but there had to be an equality between men, women, poor, and rich. Ego's could not be a factor, it had to be logic.

Facts about Mary Wollstonecraft

  • Mary was born April 27, 1759. She was born in Spitalfield, London, England.
  • She wrote A Vindication of the rights of women.
  • Mar was a novelist, philosopher, and historian.
  • She died September 10, 1797.
  • Mary believed women were only inferior because of lack of opportunities and education. If women received the same education and opportunities as men they would no longer be inferior, men and women would be equal.
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